Wiccan and Hulkling’s Goodbye – New Avenger’s #18 – Superman, Batman, and Star Wars Annuals – Comic Load 11/30/2016


The new origin of Ace the Bathound is introduced in Batman Annual #1.
Superman gets more in sync with the current Earth he is on with Swamp Thing’s help on Superman Annual #1.
Princess Leia is saved by a new member of the rebellion over in Star Wars Annual #2.
Kid Flash was taken into a dark dimension against his will over in Flash #11.
Wiccan and Hulkling say their good byes to the New Avengers while the team will be reformed soon into the USAvengers in New Avengers #18.
And finally in Inhumans vs. X-Men #0- The groundwork is laid for the upcoming battle between Marvel’s superheroes. There is much more to be seen than what we currently know.

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