Where is Conner Kent Superboy? Action Comics #978, Batman Beyond #7 – Comic Load 4/26/2017

It’s comic book day!
Hulk #5 – Don’t bother. Five issues in and Jennifer still hasn’t Hulked out yet.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #19 – Rip Hunter is here and warning about the future.
Thanos #6 – Thanos’s son has the power of the Phoenix…somehow. And Thanos is now over powered finally. What will become of this Titan?
Wonder Woman #21 – Wonder Woman is a badass in this issue! She gets shot twice but still kicks ass!
Flash #21 – What is going on with the ReBirth Storyline?
X-Men Gold #2 – Old Man Logan is a powerhouse badass!
Batman Beyond #7 – Terry’s suit has some issues and a very old enemy will be returning.
Action Comics #978 – Where the hell is the real Superboy? Aka Conner Kent.

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