Unworthy Thor, Catwoman and Batman Get It On and More – Comic Load 1/4/2017

USAvengers #1 – Another #1 from Marvel It is nice to see the New Mutants together briefly and I always love Red Hulk. But stop with the number #1’s.
Batman #14 – Catwoman and Batman have one last night together before she has to be re-incarcerated. They make it a great last night.
NIghtwing #12 – Dick continues to establish himself in Bloodhaven with Orca making an appearance.
Sam Wilson Captain America #17 – Rage and the new Falcon make their team dynamics known.
Walking Dead #162 – The Whisperer War is over. But Rick and his people have a lot more to fear than that.
Superman #14 – Some alien entities are collecting Supermen from alternate dimensions. Out Superman aims to stop that.
Finally in The Unworthy Thor #3 – Odinson has warrior madness briefly and fights his best friend, Beta Ray Bill. Great story and soon more will be revealed from the Ultimate Thor’s hammer that has yet to be unclaimed.

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