Uncanny X-Men #600 – Is Adult IceMan Gay?

Uncanny XMen 600 (2).Movie_Snapshot

The definitive end to the current volume of the Uncanny X-Men is here. We had to wait 6 months to get it, but at least we finally did get it. There is some closure as to some of the characters and where they will be heading in the future comics, but we also get an answer to a question that many have been pondering for months. Is adult Iceman gay, like his teenage counter part? Check out my thoughts on the issue in the video below.

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Uncanny XMen 600.Movie_Snapshot

Is the adult Iceman gay like his teenage counterpart?
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  • Avatar Johan  says:

    If the Terrigen bomb steralised mutants, how did it affect Wiccan? His mother used to be a mutant until she become a Inhuman. Is Wiccan mutant or Inhuman?

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