Trinity #2, Nightwing #7, Amazing Spider-Man #20, Sam Wilson Captain America #14 – Comic Load 10/19/2016


It is comic book day! This week Batman is starting his own Suicide Squad. Superman is getting out of a timey whimey situation with his son. Doctor Octopus makes his return from the dead. Nightwing finds that he has a deeper connection with the character known as Raptor. An old villain makes his return in Green Lanterns. Sam Wilson Captain America is meeting resistance with crowds but also with Steve Rogers. In Trinity, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman are captured by a common enemy. And we get the origin of the Mjolnir in the Mighty Thor.

Mighty Thor #12
Batman #9
Superman #9
Nightwing #7
Amazing Spider-Man #20
Green Lanterns #9
Trinity #2
Sam Wilson Captain America #14

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