The Lion King – Live Action (Probably Mostly CGI) Movie is being Made with James Earl Jones Returning to Voice Mufasa!

James Earl Jones is returning to voice Mufasa on the Lion King live action movie! I am so excited about this! The Lion King is by far my favorite of Disney animated movie that has ever been made. I know it’s a rip off from Kimba the White Lion, but I still enjoyed this one tremendously. I had no idea that a live action version was being done until today.

The Jungle Book made me believe that a bear could talk and that tigers can be evil, so this is great news. The director was Jon Favreau and he is also directing the Lion King live action movie as well. He recently Tweeted that Donald Glover will be playing Simba:

And shortly after this, he also Tweeted the news on Mufasa:

No word on the rest of the cast yet. I am hoping that Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella come back as Simon and Pumba. Unfortunately the incredible Madge Sinclair has passed on. She played Sarabi – the Queen of the Pridelands and Mufasa’s wife. I really think that Scar should be played by Jeremy Irons. His return to being the evil brother to the king is perfect. That would be so epic! What do you think?

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This is a fake movie trailer below, but fairly decently done.

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