The 13th Doctor Will Be Jodie Whittaker (I’m sure no One Will Be Upset)

Just recently announced by BBC, Jodie Whittaker will be the new the Doctor on the long time running show Doctor Who. She will be replacing Peter Capaldi who I have gone back and forth as liking his take as the Timelord. As for Jodie, I personally think this is great. I would have rather have had Russell Tovey take the role, but a female Doctor is something we have not had yet and I think the change could bring on a lot of new levels of story telling. I will judge this based on Jodie’s performance and I will also be curious as to how she will play the Doctor. Every actor has their own way of performing and the Doctor always seems to have a different personality when he/she regenerates. So I am curious.

However, how do other people think about this? Well…you can probably guess. If you do not want to read a lot of angry and very misogynistic posts, do not read Sci-Fi/Doctor Who forums right now. Just saying. But what do you think? Is this a good casting or not? Hey maybe we’ll get a new male companion!

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