Young Justice is back baby! Not only is there a season 3 of the animated Young Justice that is airing on the DC Universe streaming service, but there is a new comic book that just started from DC Comic’s Wonder Comic imprint. Check out my thoughts on this first issue in the attached video and tell me what you think of this first issue that reunites Robin (Tim), Impulse (Bart), Wonder Girl (Cassie), and Superboy (Conner) with soon to be new members – Amethyst, Teen Lantern and Jenny Hex. This book is written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by Patrick Gleason.

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Oh hell’s the to the fracking yes! I cannot express my excitement over how much I am looking forward to this upcoming season. It is the single reason I am subscribing to the new DC Universe streaming service that this will be a part of when released. The first half of the video is a recap of season 2, but the second half is new footage. Check out the clip from below and let me know what you think!

Can I just say that I really am hoping that Blue Beetle and Impulse/Kid Flash (Bart Allen) will be a couple this season? Bart was bonding with him last season to the point that they almost felt romantically close.

Holy hell, the first image of Young Justice: Outsiders, Season 3 has been shown. We have Spoiler and Arrowette in the mix. FUCK YES! And I am fairly confident that Tim did make this cut. I mean that does look like him in the picture. There was rumor that he was going to be phased out so that fucking Damian Wayne could be brought in. Luckily if that does happen, at least Tim will be there for some of the story. Regardless, this looks great!

If you are not aware of all of the characters, here is the breakdown from left to right: Static Shock (love the new look), Kid Flash (formerly Impulse), (Red) Robin, Wonder Girl, Spoiler, Blue Beetle, Thirteen, Arrowette (although it looks like Speedy), Arsenal, and Beast Boy. The senior Young Justice members have not been shown, yet. So I’m curious how Aqualad, Miss Martian, Superboy, Artemis (Tigress), Nightwing will look in this update. Maybe a new Young Justice comic book is not too far away! The image below is fake, but I can dream! What do you guys think of the line up so far for Young Justice Outsiders?

This makes me happy. I was reading a post on Gizmodo, about Young Justice cartoon series co-creator Greg Weisman, who tweeted that there are already LGBT characters in the Young Justice universe. However because of cartoon restraints in seasons 1 and 2, the acknowledgement of non-heterosexuals could not be made.

There were so many follow up tweets with the implications that LGBTQ representation is not only viable in the series but that the characters already exist. Now that their orientations can acknowledged, I am so much more excited about season 3. Romance is not the focus of the show, but it will be nice to see playful flirting between heroes from the same gender as being genuine and not just implications.

Now the question is, who are the character(s) that we have already seen that are gay/bi? Miss Martian is a shapeshifter and can become a male. That could happen. Especially with her being an alien and not perceiving sexuality the same as humans.

We could get an Aqualad who is bisexual. He had a thing for Tula but he could also have a thing for Tempest now instead. His comic book counterpart, Jackson Hyde has been revealed to be gay. They are technically different characters with different origins but they could have this in common.

I would LOVE for my boy Tim Drake to come out as being gay. The internet would figuratively come to an end if fans finally got a Superboy/Robin romantic thing happen. Yeah, I know it won’t happen, but I can dream dammit!

My bet is that Blue Beetle and Impulse have a thing. If you watch season 2, they had a very (b)romantic thing going on to the point that Impulse seemed as though he cared in a different way. So many people have speculated what that was all about. This would give so much more meaning for both of them. I support it!

Conservative heterosexuals will probably briefly freak out over this since they are not being pandered to 100% across the board as they usually are, but we already have several LGBTQ characters in other cartoons shows. It makes sense to have this same representation happen in a superhero cartoon that is slightly more young adult oriented and based on DC characters that are as diverse as Young Justice. Although whenever someone who is NOT heterosexual is said to be shown in a show or cartoon, most conservatives automatically assume that sex will be taking place. No sex has ever been shown in Young Justice. Nothing past light kissing has been shown. This will remain the same. I feel that acknowledging heterosexual relationships should be the same as acknowledging non-heterosexuals relationships and remain constant with their displays of affection.

I cannot wait until news surfaces of when Season 3 will air. I will more than likely binge watch the first two seasons this week, again. What do you think?

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Just announced that DC Animation will be making a season 3 of Young Justice. This is so fucking awesome!!! I loved this series and it was arguably one of the most well scripted shows with an actual lay out of episodes that entailed a story that reached over two seasons. The show was cancelled over low toy sales, which the toys were not very well done or marketed right at all.


Producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman will be returning for the upcoming season. No details as to when and where the series will premiere. It may even be a Netflix series. Netflix has both seasons up and writer Peter David encouraged fans to watch the series to show WB the support that it’s loyal fanbase posed. I personally had the series on in the background many times just myself.

The series ended with a possible Darkseid – Apocalypse Invasion taking place. The series strongly suggested that this could be happening, but no confirmation on whether or not the series will continue down this path or not. The series was incredible and focused not on the main core of DC Universe superheroes like Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman, but instead on their proteges. This included Robin, Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, and Artemis. The second season had a 5 year jump and introduced many other teenage heroes to the fold as well that includes Static, Blue Beetle, Impulse and others. This is huge! I am so excited!


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The Young Protectors (3).Movie_Snapshot

The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy Chapter 1. This is a great LGBT comic book that was written by Alex Woolfson. The story involves the young superhero Red Hot coming to terms with his sexuality and falling for the superhero, the Annihilator.

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Young Justice Comic Book (3).Movie_Snapshot

Did you know that before the cartoon series came out, there was a comic book series titled YOUNG JUSTICE before the cartoon series came out? The comic book series was written by Peter David and was illustrated by Todd Nauck. It was incredibly well written and the series made the 3rd generation of superheroes a real family.

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Young Justice

Comic book and cartoon fans everywhere may be able to get their hopes for a possible renewal of the Young Justice cartoon series. The first two seasons of this epic cartoon has been put on Netflix and according to Khary Payton who was the voice of Aqualad and Cyborg and who currently works for ComicBookResources has stated that:

Netflix is currently looking at the numbers for Young Justice, and if they like what they see…WE WILL GET A 3RD SEASON OF THE SHOW!

Kid Flash

The Young Justice cartoon was loosely based on the original Young Justice comic book. The series lasted for two seasons and was never renewed for a third season, despite its high ratings. It is beyond a doubt, a very well written show that surpasses many other notable superhero shows. It had a storyline that not only spans an entire season, but also foreshadows future storylines that were intended to be made in the next season. The characterization was out of the ordinary as it did not solely focus on just one character. There as also the introduction of other DC superhero characters that are generally ignored in all other animations. Many fans have gotten their hopes up at possible future installments as this as it is not the first time that a 3rd Season has been teased. But this time there may be actual groundwork that is made.

Bat Team

Not to mention that we actually get a good version of several Batfamily members, such as Tim Drake. His character, like many, was never explored in the series. The series ended on a huge cliff hanger that teased an incredible arc that could have found all of the DC Animated Universe going into a very dark era.

Robin Laugh

So if you have Netflix, watch Young Justice! I think you would really like and if you are already a fan, you could re-watch it again. I have Netflix and that is exactly what I am doing for the next week. Even if it is just in the background.

Young Avengers Vol 2 FINAL Vimeo.Movie_Snapshot

This is the second part to the Young Avengers first series that debut from Marvel Comics back in 2005. This review encompasses issues #7-12 and includes two stories. This first story is called Secret Identities and revolves around Patriot and his abilities as a superhero. The second story is a background story that explains Hulkling’s unique origin. Incredibly original story and great artwork illustrating this team’s dynamics.

Written by: Allen Heinberg
Art by: Andrew Devito and Jim Cheung
Published by: Marvel Comics
Released: 2005-2006

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Young Avengers Vol 1 (4).Movie_Snapshot

There are no sidekicks in the Marvel Universe. Or are there? This first volume of the Young Avengers introduces the world to the newest teenager superheroes that are destined to be epic. Jim Cheung and Allen Heinberg join forces for this first volume of the series. Watch the video below to see me thoughts on issues 1-6 of this epic series.

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