It is the conclusion to the Lonely Place of Living storyline that returns Tim Drake back to the DC Universe. Him and the rest of the BatFamily have to face off against his older counter part who is attempting to kill Batwoman. The older Tim Drake is the Batman of Tomorrow who has trained his whole life to defeat them all. So this is not so easy, even with all of the Batfamily together. Major spoilers in the attached video.

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It’s the second part of the storyline – A Lonely Place of Living – that features the return of Tim Drake. There are some huge storyline ramifications that deal with the DC Universe as a whole and could totally change up what we knew about the current history. This is HUGE! Major spoilers in this video.

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My boy and favorite superhero of all time, Tim Drake aka Red Robin, is back! He’s been locked up by Mr. Oz for reasons unknown, but not for long. He’s breaking out and teaming up with some other inmates. MAJOR SPOILERS in this review.

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Tim Drake’s origin is being restored somewhat in the upcoming Detective Comics storyline – A Lonely Place of Living. A preview came from that shows an updated version of Tim’s origin that looks much more familiar than what is currently being passed as his origin. If you are not aware of it, his origin was drastically altered when the DC Comics event called Flashpoint created what is called the New 52. His entire identity was taken. Literally. In the New 52 universe, his real name is not even suppose to be Tim Drake and his parents are in a witness protection program. Also, he was never known as Robin but always went as Red Robin…ugh I hated that. So this change is great news to me.

Unless you are new to my site, then you probably already know that Timothy Jackson Drake aka Red Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. Not just sidekick. Favorite overall. In my humble opinion, he’s also the best of the Robins to have existed. He held his own comic book ongoing series for over a decade. He was my definitive Robin. Taking his identity and making him an arrogant douchebag just spit on his character who fought and had to prove himself as being able to take up the mantle of Robin.

How will his new/original origin be incorporated into the current DC Universe? How is it that the original Robin costume (Jason Todd’s) shown in the case will be placed back into continuity as well? So many questions!!! I’m dying here. If you are reading this, thank you for indulging me. I am quite excited about this. We’ll start to get answers starting 9/27/2017. I am excited!

It’s comic book day! So many great comics came out today. I could not get to all of them, but here’s what I did get to read.
Star Wars #26 – A back story with Yoda is always awesome!
Civil War II #8 – The Conclusion to this Marvel epic title is finally finished.
Hulk #1 – Jennifer Walters is taking the title of the Hulk after the death of her cousin Bruce Banner in the Civil War II story.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #11 – Hal is finally going to meet up with the rest of the Green Lantern Corp after Larfleeze has captured all of them.
Spider-Man #11 – Miles Morales dad is an agent of SHIELD and is probably going to go back into action.
Wonder Woman #13 – Diana is not taking her backstory being fake very well. She has gone into a crazy state that will affect her next storyline.
Batman Beyond #3 – Terry is under cover as a Joker Gang member, but we discover something very huge in the conclusion of this issue.
Detective Comics #947 – We get a glimpse of what happened to Tim Drake. Not much, but I’ll take it! We need a return of this character back to the DC Universe.

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Robin Ryan

This is old news as he has been campaigning to Ben Affleck for the past week, but actor Ryan Potter wants to be Tim Drake aka Robin in the upcoming Batman movie. I support this in every way! He looks the part, he can has the martial arts background, and he is a Tim Drake fan…I love this guy!


In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is already suppose to be Nightwing. Jason Todd is more than likely the Robin that is shown to be dead as witnessed from the Robin uniform that is vandalized in the Bat Headquarters (or possibly he’s running around as another character). So Tim Drake would be the next natural progression as the next Robin.


Some haters don’t like the idea that Ryan is half Japanese. But he is also half American. So I say, just focus on his half American side if there’s an issue with that. I think his half Japanese side makes him look even more like Tim. Besides, not every character can be pandered to white heterosexual fanboys.


Tim Drake was never the best fighter out of the BatFamily but he sure as hell could still fight. He was trained by several masters and is a badass. Ryan released a quick choreographed fight sequence on YouTube recently to help show case his own talents. He is pretty darn awesome. Check out the video below.

Son of a Preacher Man

I stumbled on this short music video by accident today and I have to say that it gave me lots of feels. Even though it is a lot easier to grow up being gay today, this video especially hits hard for those that that grew in conservative homes that still look down on anything that is not considered to be part of their “traditional lifestyle.” I used to review gay movies, which I have not done since my former YouTube channel was taken down. But I think I may start to do that again. I have had a lot of requests to do that. This short video is definitely motivating me to do so again, especially since it has a excellent positive ending that I would love to see more often.

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Tom Gross

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Tim Drake is the NEW Batman Beyond. Tim Drake is my boy. I’ve loved him as my favorite superhero since the very beginning. A lot of people are upset that Tim would take over the role of Batman Beyond as the original Batman Beyond was Terry McGinnis.

However, a lot of fans aren’t aware that the Tim Drake that is taking over the mantle of Batman Beyond is a different reality, set in the Future’s End Universe. If you don’t know what that universe is, don’t worry, it’s just an alternate future reality. So it’s all good, just bare in mind that it’s set later in time and this universe has a crap ton of other events taking place.

Regardless of that, the reason I’m making this post is because I now have the motivation to make a Batman Beyond costume. I’ve wanted to do this for years, and now I’m finally going to do it. It could suck really bad, or it could be pretty cool. It depends on how much effort I can put into it and still be happy with my own work. The version of the Batman Beyond costume that I want to do, is this one:


What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

Do I have the skills to make a Batman Beyond armored suit?

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