God I wish I was at San Diego Comic Con this weekend. So many geektastic news is being shown every day. Here’s the new Batman v. Superman Trailer where we FINALLY get to see Wonder Woman. Briefly. Very Briefly. But at least we see her finally.

Batman v Superman Wonder Woman Robin

And might I add- we see a Robin costume vandalized by the Joker, meaning that we more than likely have already had a Jason Todd who has probably been killed by the Joker at this point in the timeline. FUCK YEAH!

Wonder Woman 2
I still wish Wonder Woman’s costume had more color to it. I don’t know why none of the DC characters can have bright colors in their costumes yet.

Superman Batman Wonderwoman

What do you think of the fully revealed Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. I will say that Wonder Woman does have a little bit of color in her costume, which is somewhat nicer. I still do not know why DC cannot show bright colors as opposed to how Marvel will blatantly put in red, blue and green into their characters. I still feel that Batman’s suit, although a VAST improvement over past suits, still emphasizes the character’s dependency on his suit. Any comic fan knows that Batman is awesome because of his skills as the greatest detective in the world that is arguably one of the smartest and greatest fighters ever as well.

What do you think?

DC makes it a point to not show their costumes fully lit for some weird reason. The Batman costume has always been shown to be almost exclusively black on screen, with the exceptions of the old serials from the 40s. FINALLY, the Batman v. Superman (keep in mind it’s called Batman v. Superman, not Batman VERSUS Superman), suit has been revealed. It is a 2 toned color suit. FINALLY!!!

Not as impressed with the movie yet, but at least they got the costume right. I am happy about that at least. What do you think?

Batman Costume