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Batgirl – DC Super Hero Girls Toy Figure Review

Batgirl Superhero DC Girls (5).Movie_Snapshot

Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon is the next figure from the DC Super Hero Girls toy line. This figure is on a 6 inch figure scale. Granted these figures are geared towards girls, but I do think that some boys would enjoy them as well.

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Morning Star – Independent Comic Book Review – It’s about Satan being a Superhero


I found the comic book – Morning Star by accident at a comic con a couple months back put it on the backburner. After reading it, I was surprised. I didn’t think there were any comics out that had Lucifer as a superhero. It’s completely different from many other stories. Check out my review on it below.

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Daredevil or Flash- Which was the Best Superhero TV show of the season?

With most of the season finales hitting us, a lot of superhero series have already ended. I enjoyed most of these sagas and I can’t wait for Fall to see the continuation of the series that were renewed. What did you think of the superhero shows that we got this past year? A lot of people compare Flash and Daredevil as being the top 2. Is that accurate or did I forget a show?

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