Mild manner Kent Kendall is actually San Francisco’s superhero Super Hunk in disguise. Currently he’s fighting along side his buddy/sexually tensed partner Ultra Hung, but is there something else brewing between the two? Also, who is the Masked Man and what does he have in store for Super Hunk? Awesome Class Comic book written and drawn by Alexander.

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It is the Stripling Warrior(s) from the So Super Duper world. This comic book follows the adventures of Sam Shepard and Fe Fernandez. Both of which are former Mormon followers and both have been given divine super abilities to help those in need. This is the conclusion to their first story arc and they the forming of the Stripling Warrior team. Brian Anderson is the writer and he did an incredible job of writing this story. Artist James Neish did delightful work on bringing these characters alive. Check out my thoughts on the comic in this video.
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Meet SuperCuttle also known as StevieSupes or just Stephen. I came across one of Stephen’s Superman pictures by accident when I was scrolling through Instragram. Instantly I said, Holy hell, what a hot daddy Superman! And in this instance, I was right both figuratively and literally. Stephen is a straight married man with a wife and adorable children. He’s also super fracking hot!


Stephen is a body builder and you can see it in many of his fine physique displaying pictures that I have stalked found from his online sites. He is a very proud 50-something year old cosplayer too. I do not want to play up his age being that this does not matter, but I feel as though it is a strength with him. He is proud of this and gladly informs everyone of his age and how much he appreciates doing what he does. Some out there like to perpetuate the myth that age prevents cosplaying from happening. But that is not the case for many geeks out there. Stephen is one of many great examples of this.


Something that really attracts me to Stephen’s pics is that he not only does not mind to show off his awesome body, but he also likes to photoshop some pics of him in Superman costume while being defeated by kryptonite. This is a huge fetish among many people, gay and straight alike. I personally love seeing a superhero defeated. The fact that he likes to play into this with his own costuming makes him even cooler! I have several ideas myself on what he can do with some of his future shoots.


Currently Stephen currently only cosplays as several different versions of Superman. But I am hoping that he will stretch out and do other heroes like Batman or maybe even a villain like Bane. He’s got the build for many characters that are huge in stature and capable of manhandling other characters a bit. I may be projecting the manhandling part. Or just envisioning how hot awesome that would be to shoot that while I was dressed as Robin.


Also, can we just appreciate his junk/bulge? Sorry, that’s pervy of me. Well, pervi-ER of me. I can’t help but look at these pics more than the others because damn. I nearly lost it when I saw the pic of him grabbing it.


Anyways, from the interaction I have had with him, Stephen is a very nice guy and great father and husband as well. He’s an inspiration for many body builders and costuming geeks alike. He’s sexy as all hell and I hope he never stops sharing his progress and costuming pics. Check out and like/follow him on his social media sites:

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Supergirl DC Superhero girls (2).Movie_Snapshot

Reviewing the last two figures of the DC Super Hero Girls 6 inch toyline- Supergirl, the last of the first wave of DC Super Hero Girls figures. She is pretty darn cool and I like her a lot. Her bio reads:
Supergirl is so a-dork-able and totally out there. She is the most powerful teen on earth…if only she could stop tripping over her own two feet. And Poison Ivy Bio: When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she’s finally blossoming into her new life, and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new super powers.

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Bumblebee Superhero DC Girls (4).Movie_Snapshot

Bumblebee! She never received a decent figure in past toylines. She was released from the Teen Titans toys, but it was based on the animated series and was not a very good representation. She had a much cooler look in the Young Justice series. But the series ended before she could be made into toy form. Luckily, with the DC Super Hero Girls toyline, she is one of the figures and she looks great!

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