I know everyone already knows, but Carrie Fisher has passed on. I am quite saddened by this. Princess Leia was obviously her most well known role, but she was also a person that was cared about by many others. She will be missed by so many. Including me. I am breaking my rule of not showing women on my site for her. It took a Princess passing for me to break that rule. And I will add that for so many reasons, including this factor, the year 2016 has not been great.

Carrie Fisher October 21, 1956 – December 27, 2016

I literally have no other reason to post these except that the colors distracted me and I realize that it looks very pretty. That is all. I will return to posting comic/toys/porn stuff shortly in just a bit.

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Go see Rogue One! This was a great movie! It ties in perfectly with the Star Wars franchise and the story is great. I loved the characters and I feel as though many more movies should be made about the unsung heroes within this intergalactic conflict. There are major spoilers in this video, so watch with caution.

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Mr. Sulu will be a character in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie. Some people are outraged, some people are happy. Some could care less. I personally think this is great news. There are so few mainstream gay men portrayed in sci fi movies, this is a welcome change. Heterosexuals are generally pandered to on a regular basis, so it is a bit of a shock, but I think this is a very positive move on writer Simon Pegg’s part. What do you think?

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Recently confirmed on reputable site Io9.com, Hikaru Sulu, played originally by George Takei and currently played by John Cho is a gay character in the current Star Trek Universe. This will be shown in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie set to come out on July 22, 2016. Was Sulu always gay in the old universe as well? I have searched for anything confirming the character’s sexuality, and other than him having a daughter, nothing has been stated. The new universe also confirms him having a daughter with his male partner, so this is a great nod to continuity from the previous universe.

George Sulu

This is an obvious nod to former Sulu actor played by the openly gay and incredibly smart performer George Takei. He is witty in his responses to haters in many platforms and is very tasteful in his statements. And yes, of course there are going to be lots of haters on Sulu being gay. Many heterosexual fanboys hate the idea of anything other than straight characters or bisexual women being shown on screen. Even though heterosexual characters are represented everywhere, non-stop and rammed down the audiences throats in all facets of media. See what I did there? So having an “established character” being shown as gay is something that haters cannot imagine. However the plus side to Sulu being gay is that his sexuality was never shown. So the age old argument that a ‘new character’ should be created and have that character shown as gay, is not appropriate. Sulu was never shown to be straight, so he very well could have always been gay. Which is exactly what I will start to believe from this point forward.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and many do not like the new Star Trek universe, but I love it personally. And I am loving that Mr. Sulu is gay. I feel as though the heavy representation of heterosexuality has been done to death. More LGBT characters need to be shown on screen. I believe this is a positive move. What do you think?

Star Trek Beyond

Star Wars Force Awakens Cartoon
Ok, I want to see this Star Wars comic book/animation made! I love that Finn and Poe are depicted as being together, but not making it too obvious for haters to start complaining. Just a simple embrace to show that they are a couple. I would figuratively die if I saw this on screen.

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Poe Finn

JJ Abrams has made it clear that there are and will probably be a gay character in the Star Wars Universe. He told the Daily Beast:

When I talk about inclusivity it’s not excluding gay characters. It’s about inclusivity. So of course…To me, the fun of Star Wars is the glory of possibility. So it seems insanely narrow-minded and counterintuitive to say that there wouldn’t be a homosexual character in that world.

Gay Star Wars

What do straight bigoted fanboys hear when that is said? They hear: “JJ ABRAMS IS GOING TO PUT GAY PORN IN STAR WARS MOVIES! HE IS RUINING MY CHILDHOOD! WHY AREN’T MOVIES PANDERING TO STRAIGHT WHITE BOYS ANYMORE?!!!” No seriously, I can hear the homophobic talk already. Or at least read it on many forums that are already chastising this. This is Star Wars though. They have not shown sex on screen and have barely had kissing taken place throughout the run of all the movies. It will more likely have a gentle hand hold, and some pecs on the cheeks and maybe a mouth kiss if we are lucky. That is it. This is not an ‘R’ rated superhero movie. These are rated PG movies. Regardless, all these guys going on rants will still watch the movies and these movies will still go on to make billions more.

Poe and Finn

So what does having a gay character in the Star Wars movies mean? Literally anything. It does not mean that we will see Finn and Poe together in the next movie. But we can still ship them regardless and hope that Finn may be bisexual and be torn between Poe and Rey. We have gay characters already in the books and the now debunked expanded universe. So seeing these gay characters on screen is the next step. There can be any number of characters introduced in the coming movies, all of which will have their own rich backstories and development. Star Wars The Force Awakens has made over two billion dollars worldwide. Studios are definitely going to listen to Abrams and he story ideas.

Poe Finn and Rey

The trinity

There are so few gay males in sci-fi entertainment today. So very few. So in essence, fans will sometimes create a relationships between male characters that they may be fantasizing about. Or in some cases relationships are created among some fans when they see that characters appear to have some unspoken feelings towards one another. Star Wars The Force Awakens introduces us to Finn (FN-2178), a former Stormtrooper who has fought against his brainwashing and has rebelled against the tyrannical First Order within the new Republic. We are also introduced to Poe Dameron, General Leia’s best pilot within the resistance (how is there a resistance if there is a fully functioning Republic government?). Also worth noting is the female protagonist, Rey, who thankfully destroys the helpless damsel in distress stereotype very effectively. Thus the new trinity is formed. But many fans (me included) are going insane over the scenes with Finn and Poe.

Poe and Finn Love

Finn appears to have some love interest in Rey as the movie moves along. Even though he attempts to save her, to which she is capable of saving herself in these instances, his love may not be completely reciprocated. Anything is possible as originally Luke originally was chasing after Leia in the original trilogy. Look how that turned out. Even though there is no possible chance that two mainstream male characters in the Star Wars universe will be romantically involved, a shipping of the two characters is fully possible. Some shippers are going by the name ‘Foes’ or ‘Pinns’ and a couple other misc. names here and there.

Finn Poe 2

The two only share a few scenes together, but it is established that two of them become buddies and are definitely the source of a lot of bromantic feelings from the audience. Fans everywhere have been talking about these few scenes and how they appear to share with each other a possible budding romance. With that, let us be clear. No one is delusional. Shippers are not thinking that these characters will ever get together on screen or any form of legit cannon in the Star Wars universe. The sci-fi hetero community would break the internet with homophobic remarks. Also, there will be those that need to remind everyone that it ‘Foe’ will never happen, but everyone is entitled to dream and have their own hopes.

Poe Fin Love 2

I am already working on a Poe Dameron flightsuit costume that I hope to complete within the next year before Star Wars Episode VIII comes out. I think I already have a Finn that is also willing to reenact some of the imaginary scenes that some fans want to see. Or at least what many woman and gay fans want to see happen. I am looking way too deeply in Finn and Poe’s scenes together, but I am allowed to do that as a huge gay geek. I love Star Wars and I love the new movie. Every movie has issues, but this was overall incredibly awesome. It is doubtful that any gay romance will take place on screen, but I can make it happen in my own life and reality in the world of cosplay.

Finn and Poe ArtFinn and Poe Art 2

Star Wars Review (3).Movie_Snapshot

Here’s mine and a lot of my friends’ thoughts on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. It was awesome. SPOILERS!!!!

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Someone combined all the Star Wars trailers and tv spots into one trailer and holy fracking hell, the feels I have watching this! I got goosebumps and I was getting all misty eyed. AGAIN! I can’t believe how much this upcoming movie is affecting me emotionally. My excitement is just through the roof. Check out this take on the trailers below.

I’m probably going to be crying from enjoyment all the way through the movie.

Star Wars