Iceman, Firestar and Spider-Man together? Hell’s yeah baby! This issue has Bobby teams up with fellow mutant Angelic Jones aka Firestar and with the famous wall crawler himself, Spider-Man to take down a giant Ice Monster. Any fan of the original Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon would love this issue, if anything, just to see the dynamic and camaraderie between these heroes. I would love to see a full on mini series with these superheroes together! Check out my thoughts on this issue in the video, but there are spoilers!

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The trailer reveals a bit more motivation on what the Vulture is doing and why. We also get that Spider-Man’s suits have a far more capabilities that we have seen so far. Also, Tony Stark is still playing up the cliche – You’re Not Ready For This thing that’s been done to death. But otherwise, these are looking great! So many geeky events and trailers seemed to have come out this week.

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It seems as though Marvel is backtracking on The Scarlet Spider’s new costume. Newsarama reported that Ben’s new costume is temporary and he will be returning back to his classic Scarlet Spider costume at the end of the first story arc. Honestly his new costume looks more like a combo of Spider-Gwen and Spidercide’s costume to me anyway. You may be asking, who is Spidercide? Well…

Have you read the Clone Saga in the Spider-Man books of the 90s? It was a continuation of a 70s story where Peter was cloned by the Jackal and supposedly his clone died.

Then in the 90s it was revealed that his clone did not die and had been living under the name Ben Reilly (Uncle Ben’s name and Aunt May’s maiden name). The 90s story was such a convoluted mess.

The gist of it was – Lots of Spider-Man clones. LOTS. Good ones, evils one, some misunderstood and some mindless clones too. It was ridiculous. It seemed like each issue just got crazier and crazier. Even for comic book standards in the 90s. The benefit was that Ben Reilly and Kaine were there and both became fairly cool at first.

Then some genius decided to make Peter Parker, the Spider-Man we all knew from several decades, turn out actually be a clone himself. And that Ben was the real Peter. You can imagine that not everyone was a fan.

So after just about every reader jumped ship and swearing off the Spider books, Marvel realized their mistake. They took it back and said Peter was Peter and that Ben was the clone. They ‘killed’ Ben very brutally. They even had Ben’s body deteriorate to dust to prove he was the clone. They were making sure to definitively show that Peter was the real deal and Ben was the clone. No questions whatsoever. Keep in mind though, when a death takes place and there is no body, the character is usually not dead. Although seeing Ben turn to dust seemed clear and Marvel has mostly kept him dead since then.

Besides Kaine and Scarlet Spider, Spider-Girl came from this story as the daughter of Peter and Mary (albeit alternate dimension), and another clone that was shown was the shape shifting evil Spidercide.

Spidercide is also suppose to be dead, but we know how that goes in comic book world. Regardless though, I’m happy that Ben is back. I did like his character a lot before Marvel totally screwed him up. There’s already lots of Spider-people running around, so I think there’s room for the Scarlet Spider to return. Kaine filled in as the Scarlett Spider for a bit, so it should be worth seeing their relationship in the comic.

The new Scarlet Spider costume seems to be inspired by Spidercide and Spider-Gwen. Curious, which costume do you prefer? Classic or new one?

Peter David, a badass writer who has done many past series, including the original Young Justice comic book is supposedly writing the new Scarlet Spider series from Marvel Comics. Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone and also known as the Scarlet Spider and later took the mantle of Spider-Man, has been dead for years. Other than some alternate continuity and one-off stories, he has remained dead as well. There was an unsuccessful clone story that spiraled out of control in the 90s that most Marvel fans like to forget about. However, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider was not all bad. He has recently returned back in Clone Conspiracy #3 which is happening in the Spider-Man books presently.

David has a way of writing comic book series that focuses on the adventure and also makes sure to keep humor as a main part of his characters. Not everything is grim and dark with his books. And it is something that I appreciate. He currently writes the Spider-Man 2099 book.

Will Ben Reilly be the new Scarlet Spider? Or is it going to be someone else? Kaine, the first of the Spider-Man clones, has taken this title as well. The series may involve both characters for all we know at this point. Either way, I am still happy. What do you think?

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Marisa Aunt May

I’ll always think of Marissa Tomei as girlfriend Mona Lisa Vito to Joe Pesci from the movie ‘My Cousin Vinny’ (how the hell did he get her as a girlfriend?!). Recently, reports that Tomei will be playing Aunt May in the upcoming Spider-Man Marvel/Sony relaunch. I didn’t think she was old enough to play Aunt May. I do enjoy that Aunt May is no longer written as a character that is portrayed as a woman in her 60’s – 70’s.

Marissa is an academy award winning actress, but I would have loved if they just brought back Sally Field as Aunt May. I thought she did a great job in that role. I wonder if there will ever be an interaction with Aunt May and Tony Stark, being that Marissa and Robert Downey Jr played love interests in the movie – Only You? That would be awkward for Peter.

So what do you think? Is this a good thing or a bad thing?


So according to the Hollywood Reporter– Tom Holland will be our next Spider-Man. Who is Tom Holland? I have no fracking clue. I actually had to Google him to see his past work. And to my surprise, I know nothing of any of his past films. He was in the movie Locke with John Hardy and The Impossible with Ewan McGregor. He’s 19 years old and he’s from London and he looks like a cute dorky kid. This could be great. I actually prefer that an actor that I do not know plays the role of an iconic figure, especially for Peter Parker.

Tom Holland 3
Tom should appear in the “Captain America: Civil War” next summer and then appear in his own Spider-Man movie which is proposed to premiere on July 28, 2017. This could work and I have to say, I am pleased with the choice. Fingers crossed that these will be epic!

Tom Holland 2