Red Arrow

Cosplayer Shawn Webber also known as Dynamite Webber Cosplay is an amazing costuming badass! I am pretty sure sure the current artist of the Grayson DC comic book title bases Dick’s looks on Shawn himself. Seriously, the similarities between the two of them are insanely similar. I think Shawn is being stalked by the artist. Or at least he is being social media stalked at the very least. 

Agent GraysonGrayson

Dynamite Webber Cosplay has several versions of Grayson. His particular favorite is usually a different rendition of Nightwing. This includes a Batman Arkham version, New 52, and his own take on Grayson’s costumed look. What’s great about is work is that most of his suits include lots of armor and battle weather pieces. He definitely has the process down to a science since his costumes look very legitimate and could be used in movies. Or at least the basis of future video games.

New 52 NightwingNighting 2
Other than Nightwing, Dynamaite Webber also has completed several other characters. His Punisher is one of the most practical costumes that I have seen of the character while still making it his own unique version. Also, look at his Green Lantern. If Ryan Reynolds had this costume, the Green Lantern movie would still have sucked, but at least he would have looked like a much cooler hero in a suit that people would want to emulate.

Green Lantern 2Punisher 3

Shawn also has several other costumes that he’s made in the past that are either unique to his own characters like Wonder Warrior, and his black symbiote Spider-Man costume. Granted, he has also done regular Spidey too. But his Black Spider-Man is great. Most symbiote costumes focus on Eddie Brock or Peter before he went all dark. His version looks like Peter has been corrupted and has embraced his inner demons. It is very impressive. Plus, everyone can appreciate Wonder Warrior. Many men make gender bent Wonder Woman, but these are usually suppose to be Wonder Woman. His version looks like it is a completely different character that has his own backstory and exists alongside Princess Diana on Themiscyra.

Symbiote Spider ManWonder Warrior

One last point that needs to be made is that Dynamite Webber Cosplay is in great shape. Obviously he is super sexy. I have no choice but to post a couple of his shirtless pics. I can’t stop myself. He is a geek with abs, and a former wrestler for GBW Wrestling. He’s constantly working on new costumes and every time he posts new pics, they look even better than the previous versions. His level of perfection is always being risen and I would not be surprised if we saw him being cast as Dick Grayson in upcoming projects.
Playboy Dick 1Wrestler 3

Anyways, I think I talked Shawn up enough. He’s pretty damn awesome, very sexy as hell and his costuming skills are genuinely top notch. Check out the pics below and check out Shawn’s Facebook fan page over at: DynamiteWebberCosplay.