My buddy Ryan Peachey, who is a member of the Evil GayComicGeek Corp is getting married to his long time boyfriend Codye. I cannot support all GoFundMe projects, but I will definitely support one my good buddy.

If you’re so inclined to help Ryan and his fiancé Codye, I’m attaching a link to his GoFundMe page. Like I said, both are awesome guys. Anything I can do to help, even just spreading the word, I’ll do it.

The site is located at:

Meet Ryan, aka KJBodyBuilder. He’s somewhat of a beginner cosplayer, but he’s got great talent. He’s currently training for bodybuilding competitions and is already fracking huge! I have followed him online for some time, but I finally had the pleasure of meeting him at DragonCon 2017.

Ryan has his own GayComicGeek costume that he’s owned for a bit, but I was able to convince him to also don the grey/black “Evil” version of the costume as well. There’s a back story to the evil GCG that I’ll explain in a later post. What was great about this is that it probably would take ALL of us to take him down. He’s pretty darn muscular.

Ryan is engaged to his long time partner Codye, which they make an incredibly adorable couple! I love seeing their pictures together. I am hoping that I will get an invite to their wedding (hint hint). Although being that they live in Idaho, it may seem unlikely. I can still hope!

I also got some private Patreon pictures of Ryan that I’ll be sharing in the coming months. I had a couple assistants in this shoot with my friend’s Dan and his girlfriend Farrah. It was a lot of fun and we got to see Ryan’s muscles up front and center.
This guy is strong as all hell!

If you are interested in following Ryan (which you totally should be) and his cosplay/body building road to success, he recently started a Facebook page at

He also has an Instagram over at:

Robin Ryan

This is old news as he has been campaigning to Ben Affleck for the past week, but actor Ryan Potter wants to be Tim Drake aka Robin in the upcoming Batman movie. I support this in every way! He looks the part, he can has the martial arts background, and he is a Tim Drake fan…I love this guy!


In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is already suppose to be Nightwing. Jason Todd is more than likely the Robin that is shown to be dead as witnessed from the Robin uniform that is vandalized in the Bat Headquarters (or possibly he’s running around as another character). So Tim Drake would be the next natural progression as the next Robin.


Some haters don’t like the idea that Ryan is half Japanese. But he is also half American. So I say, just focus on his half American side if there’s an issue with that. I think his half Japanese side makes him look even more like Tim. Besides, not every character can be pandered to white heterosexual fanboys.


Tim Drake was never the best fighter out of the BatFamily but he sure as hell could still fight. He was trained by several masters and is a badass. Ryan released a quick choreographed fight sequence on YouTube recently to help show case his own talents. He is pretty darn awesome. Check out the video below.

This sexy male costumer spotlight has had his pics circulated everywhere online. More particularly, because he probably has the nicest ass in cosplay history. I speak of Ryan Butt Toucher Turney

No joke. I’ve literally saved his pics just because his ass is so good. Not to mention that overall, he’s sexy as all hell and has a fucking rock hard muscular body.

He’s straight, but also kinda playful with his straight friends in very homoerotic ways. That sure doesn’t help with his sexy appeal.

Here’s a couple of his pics. Check out his page, over at Ryan Butt Toucher Turney.