It is the conclusion to the Lonely Place of Living storyline that returns Tim Drake back to the DC Universe. Him and the rest of the BatFamily have to face off against his older counter part who is attempting to kill Batwoman. The older Tim Drake is the Batman of Tomorrow who has trained his whole life to defeat them all. So this is not so easy, even with all of the Batfamily together. Major spoilers in the attached video.

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It’s the second part of the storyline – A Lonely Place of Living – that features the return of Tim Drake. There are some huge storyline ramifications that deal with the DC Universe as a whole and could totally change up what we knew about the current history. This is HUGE! Major spoilers in this video.

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My boy and favorite superhero of all time, Tim Drake aka Red Robin, is back! He’s been locked up by Mr. Oz for reasons unknown, but not for long. He’s breaking out and teaming up with some other inmates. MAJOR SPOILERS in this review.

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Tim Drake’s origin is being restored somewhat in the upcoming Detective Comics storyline – A Lonely Place of Living. A preview came from that shows an updated version of Tim’s origin that looks much more familiar than what is currently being passed as his origin. If you are not aware of it, his origin was drastically altered when the DC Comics event called Flashpoint created what is called the New 52. His entire identity was taken. Literally. In the New 52 universe, his real name is not even suppose to be Tim Drake and his parents are in a witness protection program. Also, he was never known as Robin but always went as Red Robin…ugh I hated that. So this change is great news to me.

Unless you are new to my site, then you probably already know that Timothy Jackson Drake aka Red Robin is my favorite superhero of all time. Not just sidekick. Favorite overall. In my humble opinion, he’s also the best of the Robins to have existed. He held his own comic book ongoing series for over a decade. He was my definitive Robin. Taking his identity and making him an arrogant douchebag just spit on his character who fought and had to prove himself as being able to take up the mantle of Robin.

How will his new/original origin be incorporated into the current DC Universe? How is it that the original Robin costume (Jason Todd’s) shown in the case will be placed back into continuity as well? So many questions!!! I’m dying here. If you are reading this, thank you for indulging me. I am quite excited about this. We’ll start to get answers starting 9/27/2017. I am excited!

Well this looks promising. I happened across this fan made video that has several Batman characters appearing in it. It stars actor/stunt coordinator Timmy Parish as Red Hood and has Tim Drake aka THE Robin, played by James M Fuller. The quality is quite good for a fan made video and has a lot of potential. Check it out when you get a chance. This is the full episode. I’d watch a full time series based on this premise in a heartbeat!

The series is directed by Wayne Ten. Professor Pyg also the writer is Andrew Laux.

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Detective Team

Notice that there’s a “-” in this Super-Man’s name? Anyways, over at, DC Comics has slowly been showing some of the redesigned looks of characters after the Rebirth DC Universe. Timothy Jackson Drake (Wayne) is a character that I love. He is a character that I have followed since before I even knew that other Robins existed. I was not a fan of his New 52 look and origin. His costume included a winged-cape and a lot of unnecessary flair to his look. His origin now changed the idea that he was NEVER a Robin and his name was not really Tim Drake and that his parents were in a witness protection program. It just seemed ridiculous. Back to his looks, this new costume is set to be shown in the future Detective Comics books. It is much more traditional and looks similar to his original Robin costume. I am liking it the more I see it. I understand the ‘RR’ on his chest, but I’m not the biggest fan of it. Below is the picture shown at Comics Book Resources. I am sure it will grow on me. What do you think?

Rebirth ROBIN

We also got Bumblebee in costume (finally!) along with what Artemis will look like. She definitely looks more warrior-like. We also have a picture for that that like Bizarro. I am sure there are some people that are fans of him. Super-Man has a cool design from what is being shown. I have a theory that he gained his ability from the death of the previous New 52 Superman. Terry McGinnis is taking back the Batman Beyond mantle as well and his costume, which is not altered too much, is also shown. I’m liking what I am seeing so far. I cannot wait to read DC Comics in the next couple of months to see how everything is going to play out. Are you liking these designs?


What do you think of his new costume? I am a bit conflicted because it does look like old-school Tim Drake. Unfortunately it also looks like he is regressing in status. Like he is going back in training and looks like a younger more inexperienced version of himself. It also adds to the idea that the only comic book he will be showing up in will be Detective Comics. At one point Tim held his own title for years while simultaneously leading the Teen Titans and appearing in Batman comics. He took some breaks here and there from a title but it is unsettling to think that his character would only be a supporting character in a Batman comic where now he is going back into training.


As for his costume, if anything I would think that his costume after the “one year later” time point would be much more feasible and make more sense. Maybe that’s just me. It also would go with his whole name RED Robin. He did have this costume in the New 52 universe as evidenced by flashbacks, past pictures, and Kid Flash stealing one of Tim’s costumes.


Regardless his new costume definitely looks way better than the winged costume from the New 52. God I hated those wings. What do you think? Is this good or bad?


Jason 21

Meet Jason Peter Todd aka – Brendon – aka Long Island Red Hood. I’ve known this guy for a couple of years now and I accidentally mistook him for another cosplayer the first time that I met him with his Nightwing costume. But he turned out to be a completely different great costumer. His specialty is Jason Todd, aka the anti-hero Robin. Or the Robin that died and came back to life. Although that title now technically belongs to a couple different Robins. But regardless, we’ll say that Jason is the first out of the Robins to come back to life.

Jason 28

Anyways, Brendon is a badass costumer that has been making his own costumes since he was practically a kid. He has organized several photoshoots at different conventions that he even allowed me to attend in a few instances. (See pic above where he’s choking me and threatening me with a knife). And that’s only one of his shoots. He has done many others that include him as Red Hood, Nightwing and Spider-Man.

Jason 36

Recently Brendon was at WinterCon in New York where he and some other friends of his organized another shoot with several Batman members present. Luckily I was a part of that one too. He is currently dating another cosplayer who’s specialty is Batgirl. This version of Batgirl is not exactly Jason Todd’s girl since this is the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, but we will just pretend that the two of them dated in the comics. Because why not?

Jason 12

When you get a chance, check out and like his Facebook Page over at: Long Island Red Hood. He is new to this and has a lot more costumes that he is developing as we speak. His style and look are beyond awesome and he has a lot of future cosplays to display.

Jason 30

Here’s a couple of other of Brendon’s awesome pics. He’s an awesome guy and I love hanging with him. Every time I see one of his new costumes, his skills just keep getting better and better every time. He’s currently starting to work out more and develop defined muscles to go with his next costume ideas. I’m curious as to what he’s going to come up with next.

Again, see more of his stuff at: Long Island Red Hood

Did you see GeekedPhotos pics of me and my buddy Dan as Lanterns? These are cool as all hell! I need to be a villain more often. Villains just photograph more sinister and darker looking…and hotter looking. Although Red Lanterns aren’t technically villains, but you know what I mean.

Red Lantern 2

Red Lantern 3

Red Lantern