The Promised Land is a children’s book written by Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds. It is the story of a farmer and a prince who fall in love. It is so adorable to watch! I also love that this is showing representation of the LGBT culture in children’s literature. The entire book is on YouTube. Check it out when you get a chance and also check out the website for news and updates for future books.

The Promised Land Website:

I just found out about Promised Land. I usually do not read many modern children’s books, but this sounds so cute. I wish I had something like this growing up myself. It may have made things less confusing in my own head.

Promised Land synopsis – A young Prince and a Farmboy meet by chance in the forest and their newfound friendship soon blossoms into love. However, things get complicated when the Queen’s sinister new husband seeks control over the enchanted forest that the farm boy’s family are responsible for protecting.

The authors of this book are Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris. The book is available in paperback version and digital copies at: