This is a true thing. There is a petition for this to happen over at I am always the first fanboy to want a character’s sexuality to be explored in anything other than heterosexuality. But the Joker?!

I admit I never believed that Joker and Harley were a real thing. Some writers would go back and forth as to his level of love tolerance for her, so I can see some fans leaning towards him being a heterosexual. However, he’s a psychotic mass murdering lunatic and I honestly never even thought of him as being even slightly sexual in any way. I always envisioned him being asexual. He may have a slight leaning towards homosexuality with his infatuation with Batman. Even that however, I never really thought of him ever as being full on wanting to be with Batman. More like a heterosexual sports fan that has a strange obsessive crush on an athlete.

There are a lot instances of the Joker’s obsession with Batman that could borderline love. One of my favorite was Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns story. Joker went into a catatonic state when Batman retired. Hearing the return of the Dark Knight, snapped the Joker out of it. That was a minor component of the story, but still worth nothing. If you are interested in seeing the petition or if you are inclined to even sign it, here’s the link:

To DC non-animated fans, it may not seem that exciting, but to read over at that Mark Hamill has not only been cast as the voice of the Joker for DC’s upcoming Killing Joke Animated movie, but as already recorded his part, is insanely geektastically awesome! Hamill has voiced the Joker in the Batman Animated series, several DC Animated movies and several video games. Many consider him to be the definitive voice of the Joker.

Killing joke

If you are unaware, Warner Brothers, through DC Comics recently announced that they would be making an animated movie based on the legendary Killing Joke storyline from Batman Comics. This storyline gives a possible origin story to the Joker, but more importantly, gives Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) a horrific experience of being shot, paralyzed and sexually assaulted by the Joker. It is a very controversial story and many fans never thought that DC would ever produce this on any media format.


I personally am excited that Hamill agreed to this and I cannot wait to see how this turns out. He is going to nail this role! Kevin Conroy, who is equally notorious as being the definitive voice of Batman, has expressed interest in voicing the Caped Crusader in this animated flick as well. Fingers crossed that he will get it!