Archer Season 9, which is only 8 episodes, officially starts on FXX on April 25, 2018. The series has been a hit or miss for many fans of the series. They moved away from their original premise of being a spy agency to being drug sellers, then working for the CIA, then becoming a private investigation agency and last season all took place within Sterling Archer’s subconscious as he lays in a coma.

This upcoming season is described as: In the middle of this, seaplane pilot and semi-functioning alcoholic Sterling Archer is drinking, screwing, gambling, and generally bumbling around French Polynesia with a smart-ass parrot named Crackers,” executive producer Matt Thompson explained at the Archer panel. “Welcome to Danger Island.”

The whole cast is set to return for season 9, with all of them playing new roles similar to season 8’s Dreamland storyline. Aisha Tyler (Lana) will be a princess. Jessica Walter (Malory Archer) will still play Sterling’s mom Malory Archer, but she will be a bar owner. H. Jon Benjamin (Sterling) will will play Archer “except that he’s got an eye patch and he’s a sea pilot.” Amber Nash (Pam) will be Archer’s “loyal sidekick and co-pilot.” Judy Greer (Cheryl/Carol) is heiress Charlotte, who initially arrived on the island to celebrate her honeymoon, but “her new husband caught her in bed with Archer and took off.” Chris Parnell (Cyril Figgis) will be German spy and playing a Nazi intelligence officer pretending to be a breadfruit exporter. Lucky Yates (Krieger) will be the voice of Crackers the parrot. Adam Reed (Ray and co-creator of the series) will be the impeccably uniformed French Capitaine Reynaud.

Jason 21

Meet Jason Peter Todd aka – Brendon – aka Long Island Red Hood. I’ve known this guy for a couple of years now and I accidentally mistook him for another cosplayer the first time that I met him with his Nightwing costume. But he turned out to be a completely different great costumer. His specialty is Jason Todd, aka the anti-hero Robin. Or the Robin that died and came back to life. Although that title now technically belongs to a couple different Robins. But regardless, we’ll say that Jason is the first out of the Robins to come back to life.

Jason 28

Anyways, Brendon is a badass costumer that has been making his own costumes since he was practically a kid. He has organized several photoshoots at different conventions that he even allowed me to attend in a few instances. (See pic above where he’s choking me and threatening me with a knife). And that’s only one of his shoots. He has done many others that include him as Red Hood, Nightwing and Spider-Man.

Jason 36

Recently Brendon was at WinterCon in New York where he and some other friends of his organized another shoot with several Batman members present. Luckily I was a part of that one too. He is currently dating another cosplayer who’s specialty is Batgirl. This version of Batgirl is not exactly Jason Todd’s girl since this is the Stephanie Brown Batgirl, but we will just pretend that the two of them dated in the comics. Because why not?

Jason 12

When you get a chance, check out and like his Facebook Page over at: Long Island Red Hood. He is new to this and has a lot more costumes that he is developing as we speak. His style and look are beyond awesome and he has a lot of future cosplays to display.

Jason 30

Here’s a couple of other of Brendon’s awesome pics. He’s an awesome guy and I love hanging with him. Every time I see one of his new costumes, his skills just keep getting better and better every time. He’s currently starting to work out more and develop defined muscles to go with his next costume ideas. I’m curious as to what he’s going to come up with next.

Again, see more of his stuff at: Long Island Red Hood