Hey check out these cosplay pics from years past by the photographer Marvin – Hero Hotties took these pics at Katsucon a couple years ago of me as Cyclops and my friend Dan as Cable. Funny enough, this coming weekend is this year’s Katsucon and Dan and myself will be wearing new versions of these costumes but our characters will be reversed. Stay tuned to those pictures!

Check out Marvin’s other cosplay pictures, which I must say are so impressive. His Facebook page is located: Facebook.com/HeroHotties

Believe it or not, I’m walking on air! Did you know that there was an attempt at making The Greatest American Heroine spin off series? I had no idea until I researched the new Greatest American Hero reboot taking place by ABC. I admit I do not know the series well, but I have seen many clips online and know the premise of the show. According to Variety, ABC has given the order to make a female led reboot of the Greatest American Hero.

The plot synopsis for the series is introducing the character of Meera. She is a 30-year-old woman drinks tequila does karaoke and does not do much else in life. She is Indian-American and does not get along well with her family. Aliens entrust to her a suit with special abilities and the world will never be the same. So some similarities to the original show.

No word yet on who will play the main role of Meera. This is the third attempt at making a reboot to this series. The original series lasted for 3 seasons. Right now this new series only has the pilot ordered. So it may not even make it past the initial episode. Who knows though, right? What do you think of this? Good/Bad? Thoughts?

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This trade paperback is a collection of Tim Drake’s first mini series. The character of Robin has come a long way. The original sidekick is Dick Grayson. He paved the way for the superhero genre to have sidekicks. Unfortunately the campiness of the 1960s Batman TV show made Robin into nothing by a joke that was constantly perplexed and surprised at the littlest of happenings. In the comic books, Dick Grayson moved on to become Nightwing, and his predecessor was Jason Todd who was ultimately killed by the Joker. After Jason came Tim Drake who held the mantle of Robin for close to two decades before he moved on himself. This trade paperback is the telling of Tim on his first training and first solo adventure without Batman. It is a great read and essential for anyone to understand where Tim Drake began his training and how he earned the respect of many readers, including myself.

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Supergirl DC Superhero girls (2).Movie_Snapshot

Reviewing the last two figures of the DC Super Hero Girls 6 inch toyline- Supergirl, the last of the first wave of DC Super Hero Girls figures. She is pretty darn cool and I like her a lot. Her bio reads:
Supergirl is so a-dork-able and totally out there. She is the most powerful teen on earth…if only she could stop tripping over her own two feet. And Poison Ivy Bio: When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she’s finally blossoming into her new life, and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new super powers.

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Bumblebee Superhero DC Girls (4).Movie_Snapshot

Bumblebee! She never received a decent figure in past toylines. She was released from the Teen Titans toys, but it was based on the animated series and was not a very good representation. She had a much cooler look in the Young Justice series. But the series ended before she could be made into toy form. Luckily, with the DC Super Hero Girls toyline, she is one of the figures and she looks great!

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