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Hercules #3 – Marvel Comic Book Review

Hercules 3 YOUTUBE.Movie_Snapshot

Hercules #3 – There is a new presence in the Marvel Universe that may affect the Greek Gods. Hercules is being affected by this as he is currently living in New York and is trying to make his life mean more than just being a party animal superhero.

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Hercules #2 – Marvel Comic Book Review

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The second issue to the Hercules series from Marvel Comics is out. Hercules is somewhat investigating the appearance of many of his fellow mythological counterparts from Greek folklore. There is a bigger issue at stake but he is not receiving any help from his Greek half brothers and sisters.

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Hercules #1 – Marvel Comic Book Review – He’s not THAT Gay…

Hercules 1 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Hercules may have been decreed by Marvel Comic Book Editor in Chief – Axel Alonso as NOT being gay, but you could totally fool the reader. This was a great first issue, but Hercules screams hot sexy dad. He’s half naked and cooking in his first panel appearance in the comic. Not that I am complaining. This first issue of Hercules has a solid start, with an introduction into the immortal hero’s life. The series will focus on his travels on Earth as he has adjusted to learning that he is no longer the lone superhero on the planet. Ancient foes will be focused on with a modern twist. He has a new uniform and a unique outlook towards life as he incorporates technology with the powers of ancient Greece to aid him along the way.

Written by: Dan Abnett
Drawn by: Luke Ross
Published by: Marvel Co...
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Have you seen the new completely HETEROSEXUAL Hercules from Marvel Comics?

Straight Hercules

Marvel is just trying to make Hercules look like badass-sexy daddy-eye candy-scruffy-super hottie- LITERAL Greek God that gives all gay geeks huge boners. Check out the newest variant cover of Hercules #1, drawn by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson..

Hercules and Wolverine

Holy fuck, are they seriously saying that this character is completely straight? According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief -Axel Alonso- Hercules is completely heterosexual. He stated this on ComicBookResources.com. I covered this once before and pointed out the idiotic notion that Hercules is completely heterosexual. Somehow his bisexuality, which has been hinted at in both the comic and in Greek mythology repeatedly, is being ignored. And now this cover was made. Look at it...

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GayGeekyVlog – Hercules will Not be Bisexual in Marvel Comics…I did a video talking about

Hercules is not Bisexual (3).Movie_Snapshot

Yeah I couldn’t let this go. I did blogged about topic earlier, but I’ve had a couple people request to do a video on the topic. If you are not aware of this, Hercules is very much a bisexual character. Not just in the comics, but in history. Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso has stated that despite his past, the Greek god is only after women from this point onward. Why? Seriously, why would he make the character straight? Are straight males afraid of picking up a title that has a bisexual male as the main protagonist?

Hercules Gay 2

I think this is a waste of an opportunity to show a very different character that could be opened up to so many new storylines and to include a new audience that would be interested in reading a character that has a very rich backstory already established.

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Hercules – New Ongoing Comic Book Series – An Actual Bisexual Headlining, that isn’t Constantine?

wolverine hercules

Hercules is getting his own comic book series in November from Marvel Comics. This is pretty cool being that Marvel is lacking in the bisexual male department for headliners. They exist, many are women, but we have a couple males here and there. The only problem is that Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso has stated that despite Hercules’ origins and past speculations, Hercules will not be bisexual. That seems a bit disheartening as I feel like Hercules would be the PERFECT bisexual character to be given his own title. He is literally Hercules from mythology, which all Greek heroes/gods were seemingly bisexual if you read up on them.


Let’s forget that Iolaus (who you probably remember as Hercules’ sidekick in – Hercules The Legendary Journeys) was his lover at one point...

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