Holy fracking hell! It’s the Talon Fighter from the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline. Thank you Johnny for this set! It’s so huge (giggity) and I absolutely love it. Check out my thoughts on this vehicle/base review in the video.

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Remember Image Comics’ Shirtless Bear-Fighter comic book? This was suppose to a funny comic book but was also an unintentionally sexy ass ‘bear fighter’ that many gay men read as well. The character was literally raised and fought bears since his childhood. He is getting the vinyl toy treatment from Skelton Crew Studio. The comic itself was written by Jody LeHeup, Sebastian Girner and Nil Vendrel.

If you are interested in the clothed sexy assed figure or the unfortunately naked ‘pixelated’ version, you can head over to the site: http://skeltoncrewstudio.com/
and preorder it. If you order before July 1, you will receive a plush “bear-skin” rug with the figure.