The Fantastic Four along with their major players including Doctor Doom, the Silver Surfer and the cosmic world eating devourer himself, Galactus could be coming back to Marvel Studios during Phase 4 of their movie/tv universe. This was rumored back in October 2015 on ComicBookMovie.com. But this is getting more credence with the other cosmic quartet’s characters wanting to be used for other Marvel movies. Specifically, James Gunn (writer for Guardians of the Galaxy) wanting to use Fantastic Four villains in his next Guardians movie. With the flop of the 2015 Fantastic Four, there could be a deal in agreement with Fox similar to what happened with Sony’s deal with Spider-Man. Still, nothing has been confirmed.


If you are not aware, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has worked in Phases for their movies/tv shows. The first phase built up to the first Avengers movie. The second phase built up to Avengers: Age of Ultron, but for some reason also included Ant-Man. We are about enter into the third phase with Captain America: Civil War. A lot has been established and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been overwhelmingly well received. Some issues here and there with some of the choices for directions taken for some storylines (Iron Man 3). But a couple things are clear. Noticeably missing from the Marvel Universe are mutants and Marvel’s first family of superheroes, the Fantastic Four.


How cool would it be for Latveria, the country that Doctor Doom governs with an iron fist, to be mentioned in an upcoming movie. Even better to have him done right, for once. Or to have a looming threat with Galactus to be mentioned in the next Guadians movie? So many possibilities open up. What do you think?

Human Torch

If a movie studio prevents advanced reviews on upcoming films, usually that means that the studio knows that the movie is going to fail. In this case, 20th Century Fox has refused to allow reviews of the upcoming Fantastic Four movie until August 7, 2015. Which is the release date of the movie. Meaning, that no one can give their opinions of the movie until the movie has actually been released.

Fantastic Four

Some films do this as a way to keep the element of surprise or to allow fairness in other reviewers so that everyone can post up their own coverage more or less at the same time. But waiting to the last minute to allow anyone to review the movie is generally a sure sign that the movie is going to fail. This generally means that the viewer cannot warn other viewers to not see a horrible movie until it is too late because the other consumers have already purchased tickets. It’s the only way for some studios to make at least some profit on the movie.

I hope that I am wrong and I will give the movie a completely fair chance to impress me. I have low expectations, so it should not be hard to surpass my original thoughts being that I never cared for the previous two installments. This could be awesome or it could be so horribly bad.

But hey, if it bombs, maybe Disney/Marvel could buy back the rights and make the Fantastic Four part of the Marvel Universe?