I had a lot of pics taken of me and pics that I took of others while I was at Dragon Con this past week. Some were professional pics too. There were two guys that I had the pleasure of taking my pics professional. One was Geeked Photography, which captured me in my Daredevil costume. And the other was Bokeh Photo, which got pics of me in my traditional costume of Robin. Some of their pics are below and I have to say that they’re pretty dang awesome!

I was also shown on the pages: GeekandSundry and on Blastr.com (page 7).


Daredevil GayComicGeek 1

Daredevil GayComicGeek 2

Daredevil GayComicGeek 3

Robin Jason Todd

THE Aquaman

This week, I want to spotlight Mike Baaden. He does insanely awesome superhero/villain costumes. Somehow he can make his good looks morph from evil villain to heroic good guy with little to no problems. He has blond hair and I feel like his Aquaman costumes are just badass. I can’t decide if I like his bearded, more warrior prone look better than his clean shaven, more traditional Aquaman face.

Besides Aquaman, he has a huge range of costumes that he’s constantly making. These pics are just a small sample of what he can do. Every new post that I see him make, I’m always wondering what his next costume achievement is going to be. He fits the role of Adam Warlock way better than any actor than I can think of.

Currently Mike does not have a Facebook fan page, but I think he would have a huge following if he did. Hopefully that will change in the future. As for Mike’s personal life, he is a happily married man and has an adorable daughter, hence why I call him a DILF. Hopefully we will see a lot more costume from him in the near future. I know whatever he decides to make, he’ll definitely do it justice!


Dustin Dorough 31

I’ve known Dustin Dorough a couple of years. I’ve even had the honor of costuming next to him a couple times. This past year I’ve seen him costume as Superman, Captain America and I think he was Wolverine at some point.
Dustin Dorough 1

Luckily Dustin likes to take his shirt off, which no in the history of man has ever said was a bad thing. Especially for a body that he has! He can actually pull of the whole Super Soldier look and has a pretty nice set of biceps to go along with his physique.
Dustin Dorough 30

Dustin is also an aspiring Director/Actor. Hearing his vocal skills and his seeing his talent up front, he definitely has what it takes. Be sure to check out some of his amazing costumes below and be sure to check out his fan page at: Dustin Dorough Official

Many of my costuming friends are hot, and all of them look great in costume. But a couple of them I can accurately say are literal superheroes. Or at least they have the body of a real superhero. My buddy Jay has the physique of a body builder, minus the rage. I say that because he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and also one of the coolest geeks out there too. His costumes are incredible. Check out some of his pics below. He doesn’t have a fan page, but he definitely should. I gotta say, his hotness helps with the fact that he has the muscle to back up his larger characters like Captain Marvel and Thor. But I gotta say, my favorite pic of him is the first one, with him just under the shower. Look at that tanline. Tell me that’s not sexy! What do you think? (And yes, he is also straight. I’ll have a gay costumer up eventually, I promise!)

If you want to follow Jay, his Instagram is: Instagram.com/tallsquall

This sexy male costumer spotlight has had his pics circulated everywhere online. More particularly, because he probably has the nicest ass in cosplay history. I speak of Ryan Butt Toucher Turney

No joke. I’ve literally saved his pics just because his ass is so good. Not to mention that overall, he’s sexy as all hell and has a fucking rock hard muscular body.

He’s straight, but also kinda playful with his straight friends in very homoerotic ways. That sure doesn’t help with his sexy appeal.

Here’s a couple of his pics. Check out his page, over at Ryan Butt Toucher Turney.