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ManCrush Monday – KamCosplay aka Kevin


Have you met Kevin aka KamCosplay? I have only met him once myself at NYCC, but his Robin costume made me weak in the knees. After stalking exploring some of his other works, I saw that he is stupendous cosplayer with all of his work. Also side note, he has been happily married to his husband Derek for 5 years and will be celebrating their 6th anniversary come July. I have collected a couple of Kevin’s costume pictures to show off his skill.


Check out Kevin’s Social Media sites:

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Sexy Male Cosplay Spotlight – Dan Morash Cosplay

I had the honor of meeting the cosplayer Dan Morash at Katsucon 2018. Immediately I noticed how astonishingly impressive his Nightwing costume looked when I saw him in the distance. What was even better was that he did not mind at all when I asked if I could take a picture gawking at his ass. He did have a nice ass. I wish I had taken more pictures now.

After a little research I found Dan’s Facebook Fanpage and was amazed at how accurate his costuming skills really were on his other creations. His Robin and Paladin Voltron outfits are outstanding! Plus, looking at his Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender gives me all kinds of feels!

I found out that others appreciate his nice ass as well. So I don’t feel like a total perve asking to take a picture appreciating it...

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Sexy Male Cosplayer Spotlight – AsgarDoesCosplays aka Asgar

Have you met the hottie costumer Asgar? Also known as AsgarDoesCosplays on Instagram. WOW! This 23 year old cosplayer not only suits up as a particular figure but he becomes the characters themselves. I am convinced that he has a mutant shape shifting ability. Or maybe he’s Spider-Man’s nemesis the Chameleon. His skills are off the chart and I feel like he should be working in entertainment full time. He does use some Photoshopping with his pictures, but that just makes his pictures so much real.

Asgar is a gay cosplayer himself. There does not seem to be a limit to the number of characters that Asgar is able to create, and I say, more power to you stud! Check out his Instagram site for more pics:

Here are a few of his cosplays that I personally enjoy...

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Ragz Cosplay – Super Cutie Male Costumer Spotlight!

Spidey Selfie

Some costumers go under reported, despite their skills being badass. Ragz Cosplay is one of those cosplayers. He does great costumes, but his work rarely gets retweeted or reposted. I feel the need to tell the world about this guy. Besides being incredibly humble about his super cute looks and his geeky uniforms, he’s also very nice guy. I have had the honor of meeting him several times at Dragon Con. Every time I have wanted to take a picture with him, or was in a group shot, he was very gracious.

Red Robin and Cap

I would LOVE to photograph Ragz in my own shoots. He is a gay costumer, so I know that gives him a lot more freedom costumes and shoots that many heterosexual men shy away from. Not that I would want him to do sexual private photoshots with me…well maybe a little...

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Sexy Male Cosplayers – They Never Get Enough Loving! (NSFW)

Kissing Cyclops and Bishop

For no reason whatsoever, here’s some sexy male cosplayers. I know many of them personally and there are many others I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Yet. All these guys deserve props. The costuming community mainly focuses on women since most photographers are heterosexual guys. Luckily though, this is not always the case. Sometimes we get photographers that see that many guys out there work hard on their costumes. Although granted, some of these pictures are just sexy guys who give the appearance of dressing up, I included them regardless. Enjoy!

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Whoa! I just discovered Leo Camacho’s cosplay page this past week. I am so in like with this guy. He just looks so natural in every character that he has done. I met him briefly a couple weeks ago and I did not realize who he was at the the time. He is totally my hero! I wish I was this good and as good looking as him. I later discovered his awesome Fanpage over at at: He’s also such a fracking cutie and he seems so humble too. This guy definitely deserves lots of love. I feel the need to spread his greatness everywhere.

Poe and Finn

Check out his page at: and his YouTube Page at:

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Genderbend Cosplay – Some Really Awesome Male Costumes Exist

It is obvious that there are far more pictures of female cosplayers online, even though the ratio of cosplayers in my experience has been more lop sided with males being the majority of costumers at conventions. Females just get more attention from the heterosexual photographers, which is completely normal. But there are lots of male costumers out there. Which is why I focus on them. And there are lots of men that love female characters enough to make their own version of these female characters. The picture above is of Brandon Lowe Videos. He’s a cool guy and does lots of YouTube vids too. I posted that picture on another account and it blew up with lots of likes and comments. I never really thought about the genderbent issue, I was just posting because it has two costumers kissing...

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Costume Professional Pics from Dragon Con


I had a lot of pics taken of me and pics that I took of others while I was at Dragon Con this past week. Some were professional pics too. There were two guys that I had the pleasure of taking my pics professional. One was Geeked Photography, which captured me in my Daredevil costume. And the other was Bokeh Photo, which got pics of me in my traditional costume of Robin. Some of their pics are below and I have to say that they’re pretty dang awesome!

I was also shown on the pages: GeekandSundry and on (page 7).


Daredevil GayComicGeek 1

Daredevil GayComicGeek 2

Daredevil GayComicGeek 3

Robin Jason Todd

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Dragon Con 2015 – Part 1 – The Journey

Dragon Con 2015 Intro (2).Movie_Snapshot

Dragon Con is not about Dragons. Some people make that mistake. It’s about the fans themselves. Whether you’re a costumer, or you’re there for celebrities, or maybe the panels. Everyone goes for a reason. Most of my friends are there for costuming reasons and we’re all fairly big into different geekdoms. Here’s our beginning journey to the Superbowl of Costuming Cons.

Check out my video and be sure to subscribe to my channel at:

Also, check out my Patreon site for stuff that I don’t post anywhere else:

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Angemon- Coolest Cosplay Ever!

Angemon 3

If you ever saw Digimon, or at least the first 2 seasons, a character by the name of Angemon. He starts out as Patamon, but evolves and becomes a badass character. In fact, I think he’s a more badass character than any of the Digimon. Agumon always got all the attention for some reason, but I digress. This costume is a dream costume of mine. The character is so cool and the look and design are beyond words. There’s a couple others that have attempted this costume that you can see below. Still great costumes in their own right too.

And for reference, here’s Angemon and Angewoman in the toon series. It was a great show.

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