Steve Orlando is a badass writer! This issue follows very closely after issue number #1 and follows Midnighter as he starts track down people with devices and technology from the Gardner. It’s a great read and the fact that Midnighter is such a cool character and proudly out and gay, makes it so much more. Check out my video review.

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Over at HandsomeDevilComics.com, there’s a comic called Fantasy Killer.

The premise is that guy goes a bit nuts and decides to kill his friends and co-workers. Or does he? Totally a psycho kinda feel to it but not exactly. It’s not like a lot of other comics, unless you count the comic- Johnny, The Homocidal Maniac

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Yes, this is suppose to be the continuation of the Bible, with it’s star, Jesus Christ. No seriously.

It’s a pretty damn good read, but if you’re of the Christian faith and take it seriously, then this could offend you. Possibly.

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