There are so few male gay characters in sci-fi. In fact there are hardly any. However, are you a Doctor fan? I admit I only became a fan after the revival of the 9th/10th Doctor – Christopher Eccleston taking the role in 2005. But I never looked back after that. Doctor has had several spin offs, a couple of the more popular series include Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Now there is another series in the works simply called, Class. Details on this show and how it will fit into the Whoverse have been very limited. Class takes place at Coal Hill school. This is the same school that Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) was a teacher. Clara was one of the latest companions to the Doctor (Peter Capaldi). One other thing is clear. Show writer Patrick Ness has made it clear that an LGBT cast member will be represented as the lead role. Ness tweeted the following:

Captain Jack

This is incredible news. The Whoverse has represented the LGBT community fairly well in the past decade and even had a pansexual character lead the show Torchwood. Openly gay actor John Barrowman played Captain Jack Harkness and was a total whore on the show. It was awesome. So I am happy that this new show will come to pass. There are so few gay male sci-fi characters playing lead roles today. Some fans may be upset, but many true Whovians will know that this is to be expected in a universe that has multiple realities and multiple possible timelines. Everything is timey whimey, wibbly wobbly. Class so far includes: Fady Elsayed (pictured above), Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah and is set to air later in 2016.

The Class

Deimos Taro Demon (5).Movie_Snapshot

Class Comics> presents this issue of Deimos that spot lights our favorite demonic entity turned good in 3 different stories. Each story is written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by two other artists.

The stories include:

Dead of Winter 2 – Illustrated by Patrick Fillion
Innocence – Illustrated by Alessio Slonimsky
Inspiration – Illustrated by David Cantero

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Ghostboy and Diablo #1 is a somewhat older book that came out back in 2011. I did a review on it originally but I figure since the next two issues have come out recently, I should revisit this. Reviews for issues #2 and #3 will be coming soon!

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Did you read Space Cadet #1? If not, no worries, this story picks up on a new direction. You just have to know that Space Cadet can fly, and shoot energy projection. And he’s a superhero of course!

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Class Comics released their conclusion to Naked Justice Beginnings storyarc with issue number #3!




I was a bit more depressed about this than I thought I’d be. It has somewhat of a sad ending to it. But it does make the story make sense with the rest of the Superhero stories from Class Comics.