This is my the last comic book review for the year 2017 and it is on a gay Class Comic book title called, Fit as Fuck, written and drawn my David Cantero. It is not exactly a comic book in story format, but it does have lots of comic book style illustrations. Sexy fucking hot illustrations! Learn how to incorporate some exercises in your daily routine that may make you jizz while burning lots of calories. Check out my thoughts on this book in the attached video.

The issue was written and drawn by David Cantero:
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I always have to promote any artist that takes the time to draw my GayComicGeek character and David Cantero did totally sweet job of this. You may remember David from the comic book review I did yesterday on Class Comics’The BriGAYde #1 comic book review I did yesterday. Awesome artist and I’m especially loving the bulginess he did with my GCG persona. David a total hottie too, he’s pictured below.

Check out David’s work on his website: