Have you heard of the upcoming Batman anime titled: Batman Ninja? This is a story on Batman and his Batfamily (Tim Drake aka Red Robin can be seen) being transported to Medieval Japan. Unfortunately some of the villains of Gotham are also transferred back with him. Oh course they all get involved in a local power struggle and all hell breaks loose. It looks damn awesome!

Batman: Ninja will be released sometime in 2018.

Wow, thank you Michael for getting this figure for me! He is so awesomely cool and fits in with my other dolls. I’m glad he comes with a stand and his overall sculpt is decently made. Even if you are not the biggest fan of the movie itself, but the figures that were released definitely deserve a lot of merit.

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I loved Tim Drake taking up the mantle of being Batman Beyond, but I’m also glad that Terry McGcginnis has returned. Terry’s supporting cast is all present, including Max, Dana and of course his little brother, Matt. His little brother didn’t like Tim in his big brother’s role as being Batman, but he eventually accepted him. Great new beginning for this time and awesome jumping on point for new fans.

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Batman v Superman Hero Pack Warner Bros (4).Movie_Snapshot

Warner Bros Consumer Products sent me this box of swag that is so fracking cool! I got lots of toys that I would never have gotten unless it was for my toy review videos. Thank you Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Check out my unboxing below.

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Bat v Superman

YES! From the makers of the Star Wars XXX Gay Porn Parody and the Gay of Thrones XXX Series, Men.com will be making a Batman v. Superman – A Gay XXX Parody. Who is playing who? I have no fracking clue yet! What do the costumes look like? Again, I have no idea. Is it a muli-part? I hope so, but it could just be a one time scene. As soon anything is released, such as a trailer, I promise that I will be posting immediately!


Some past Men.com scenes have included The Arrow. Which was unfortunately just a one time scene with retired porn performer Liam Magnuson. (pictured above) So much potential came out of that series. We could have had the introduction of Diggle and Red Arrow and maybe Merlyn later down the line. Unfortunately it never happened after this one scene was released. I’ve begged Liam Magnuson online to come back to porn, just for this series.

Gay Of Thrones

The Gay of Throne Gay XXX Parody is an ongoing series that has had eight parts to it up this point. They have been incredibly creative with the costuming, background and the characters being used. Men.com has separated the ‘seasons’ into 4 part scenes. I am patiently waiting for season 3 to start up.

star wars

And let’s not forget that just recently, The Star Wars Gay XXX Parody was also featured on Men.com. Again, the effects, the costumes, and the characters were very spot on. Not to mention that I finally got to see one of my favorite heroes of all cinematic history, Han Solo, finally get together with Luke Skywalker.


The recently ended Apocalypse series was based somewhat on Mad Max, and for the budget that Men.com received, it was done very well. This gives me high hopes for Batman v. Superman. Besides the fact that this is a sci-fi porn, it is also a superhero porn. Even if it is just for one scene, I will definitely take it! There have been superhero porns done in the past but most have been done by other companies. And I am sad to say, are many of them are high quality. I do not want to knock any company in their endeavors. I do give praise for the attempts that have been done in the past. Superheroes have been sorely over looked in the porn world, despite the huge fetish that exists among fans. I will relay more information on Men.com’s scene as it becomes available.

Bat Sup

Joker Batman

Mark Hamill, who will be the voice of the Joker in the upcoming Batman DC Animated movie- The Killing Joke, has released this one image of what this movie will look like. I am impressed and excited about this project!

Before hand, he released several tweets with the first word in all caps. He definitely knew what he was doing and he is driving his fans insane because of of this! I love it!

The Killing Joke is a graphic novel set within the Batman mythos that received much praise but is also infamous for the depiction of the darkness that the Joker really has within him. Not only does he shoot and cripple Barbara Gordon but he goes so far as to sexually assaulting the former Batgirl. He also has Jim Gordan sexually assaulted as well, while he is forced to see naked pictures of his daughter. It is a very adult and dark look as to what the Joker really is and what he is capable of doing. His hopes were to break the Commissioner and also show that he himself is the result of just one bad day and that this could be replicated. This movie is set to come out late in 2016.


Batman Bad Blood (3).Movie_Snapshot

The new Batman animated movie is out. This time Batman has gone missing and Nightwing must fill in his shoes, otherwise Gotham City’s villains will take over. But he is not alone as several other vigilantes step in to also help fill the void. Not a bad movie, but definitely not the best DC Animated movie. Check out my thoughts on the movie in the video below.

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