What gay anime series do you like? There are endless amounts of animated shows around the world and Japanese anime is a weakness of mine. I have watched many series, both good and bad. I always lean towards adventure fun series. I am no where near being an anime buff or otaku (which is really a negative term), so I’m always looking for new series that I know nothing about.

Although one thing I have realized is that even though many of the series I watch have at least one lesbian and/or bisexual female character, but unless the series is specifically a gay series dedicated to just their relationship, male characters are rare. Almost every series seems to explore female sexuality with fluidity. Males, not so much. In fact if a male has some sexual tension with another male, many times it is for a joke. Naruto’s first kiss is with his rival/best friend Sasuke and it was a mistake and big laugh. Although I thought Sasuke was gay up until recently.

Many Yaoi series exists. Yaoi is more geared towards a romantic set up and is usually written by women for women who enjoy seeing men in a romantic pairing. To me, honestly, most are boring. But that is an overgeneralized view. Not all are bad. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi is a decent series.

Love Stage is another popular Yaoi series. I made the attempt to watch it and couldn’t get through the first episode. But many people do like it.

In the series DRAMAtical Murder, Aoba and Noiz kiss. This story revolves around a young man named Aoba who works in a junk shop. An online cyber game called “Rhyme” becomes popular on the island he lives on. Noiz suffers from CIPA his inability to feel pain also causes him to be reckless. Noiz kisses Aoba to show that kissing is no big deal.

Cardcaptor Sakura – Toya x Yukito
Sakura lives a pretty normal life with her older brother, Toya. One day Sakura discovers a glowing book. After opening the book and releasing the cards within, Sakura is tasked with collecting each of those magical cards. Toya’s main relationship is with his best friend Yukito, the two have unspoken romantic feelings for each other.

Future Diary – Akise x Yuki: Yukiteru Amano is a 14-year-old loner who observes life and jots down the events on his cell phone. His only friends are Deus Ex Machina, the God of Space and Time, and his assistant Muru Muru. Deus transforms Yukiteru’s phone into a Future Diary, capable of predicting the future up to ninety days. Akise becomes a close ally to Yuki, Akise quickly grows to love Yuki and wishes for him to become God.

This is just a small list, there are numerous other series out there that exist, but what series do you enjoy that has a gay plot with some of its characters? I am curious cause I’m always looking to find a new show to watch.

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