Superman Gets Beat Down! Reverse Flash is his Usual Jerk Self & Thanos goes After his Boy – Comic Book Day! 6/14/2017

It’s comic book day!
Action Comics #981 – Superman vs. the Eradicator/Cyborg Superman/Zod. It did not end well.
Star Wars #32 – Luke and Han are both brainwashed by the vampire queen. It is up to Leia and Sana Starros to save the day.
Flash #24 – Kid Flash vs. Reverse Flash. Eobard Thawne is a total douchebag as usual.
Justice League of America #8 – Makson, the man raised by monsters, makes his debut. But he has a lot more going on that what is presented.
X-Men Blue #5 – The X-Men vs. The Marauders and Jimmy Hudson, Wolverine’s other dimensional son joins up.
Venom #151 – Eddie has some issues controlling the bloodlust of his symbiote and takes on a job by Liz Allen to help figure out the issue.
Titans #12- Omen vs. Psimon. A traitor is in the midst of the team, but who is it?
Thanos #8 – Thanos is recruited by his brother Starfox and Nebula to help take down Thano’s Phoenix empowered son, Thane.
Plus we get some great Looney Tunes/DC Crossovers. They’re much better than I thought they’d be.

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