Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight- Jesse Phillips

Jesse Phillips 0Have you heard of the actor/cosplayerJesse Phillips? Holy crap, I came across his pics by accident on my Facebook page. I couldn’t believe I had not seen him until just this past couple of months. I’ve been mildly online stalking him ever since. I also may have swooned over him a bit. Just a bit.

He has the such good looks and a chiseled face that he can pull off characters that the original actors who played these cannot do. For instance, his size is better than Adam Baldwin, but Jesse’s looks are so much of an improvement to Baldwin’s Jayne character from Firefly. He was part of a Firefly costuming group, but Jesse totally hovered above them in stature.

Jesse Phillips 30

Not to mention that his muscular structure made him a rare Superman that can pull off both the height and body frame proportions of the Kryptonian so incredibly perfect. I mean, damn, look at this Superman:

Jesse Phillips 29

But I’m going to say that his Symbiote Venom costume is my favorite. If anything, I just want to take pics of him choking me or doing some other Venom type attack while I wear my own symbiote Spider-Man suit. The size difference would be very legit!

Jesse Phillips 1

Check out Jesse’s Facebook page that he shares with his girlfriend (yep unfortunately he’s straight):

Here’s some his more memorable pics (the LAST pic is my favorite by far!)

Jesse Phillips 7

And of course, my favorite:

Jesse Phillips 26

UPDATE!- I did not know that he did a NAKED Ice Bucket Challenge-

4 comments to Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight- Jesse Phillips

  • Avatar Christopher-Rex Sico  says:

    This guy is AWESOME! I’ve seen much of his cosplay. My fave is the GARGOYLE.

  • Avatar Eric James Lenhardt  says:

    OMG!!! That Ice Bucket Challenge was awesome, loved that they shrunk the black bar when he started shrinking! 🙂

    • GayComicGeek GayComicGeek  says:

      Right?! That was hot and funny!

  • Avatar Md  says:

    Damn, he is sexy as hell. Amazing bod and mug 😉

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