San Diego Comic Con 2018 – (Pride) Laughing Prince Adam – Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive!

There will be a pink vest, rainbow boxed version of Prince Adam from the Masters of the Universe Classics line available during San Diego Comic Comic Con 2018 made by Super7. This will be at the shop – Hordak’s Lair on July 18-19. This makes me so happy. Some other haters are not so much enthused but hardcore Masters of the Universe fans are just as ecstatic as I am. Although getting him will not be so easy to obtain.

Although this figure is titled ‘Laughing Prince Adam,’ from the cartoon and now famous What’s Going On video, I am calling him Pride Prince Adam. The original He-Man and the Masters of the Universe 1980s cartoon showed a much more pink version of Prince Adam, He-Man’s secret identity. The toy version of Adam that was released in the 1980s however, had Adam in a maroon vest. I honestly never thought a pink version would ever be released, so this is great news!

Being a Masters of the Universe fan is something that I have made clear for years. There is a huge gay following of He-Man and his furry-underweared-muscle-bound-leather-clad companions for obvious reasons. This will be a tough figure to track down on a regular event and since the figure will not be at SDCC itself, but at Hordak’s Lair toyshop, it will be even more difficult to obtain one. Anyone going to try and pick this baby up? I hope that Super7 has made enough of them.

Hordak’s Lair is located at: 701 8th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101