Ryan Potter – Wants to Be Robin (Tim Drake) in Next Batman Movie

Robin Ryan

This is old news as he has been campaigning to Ben Affleck for the past week, but actor Ryan Potter wants to be Tim Drake aka Robin in the upcoming Batman movie. I support this in every way! He looks the part, he can has the martial arts background, and he is a Tim Drake fan…I love this guy!


In the DC Cinematic Universe, Dick Grayson is already suppose to be Nightwing. Jason Todd is more than likely the Robin that is shown to be dead as witnessed from the Robin uniform that is vandalized in the Bat Headquarters (or possibly he’s running around as another character). So Tim Drake would be the next natural progression as the next Robin.


Some haters don’t like the idea that Ryan is half Japanese. But he is also half American. So I say, just focus on his half American side if there’s an issue with that. I think his half Japanese side makes him look even more like Tim. Besides, not every character can be pandered to white heterosexual fanboys.


Tim Drake was never the best fighter out of the BatFamily but he sure as hell could still fight. He was trained by several masters and is a badass. Ryan released a quick choreographed fight sequence on YouTube recently to help show case his own talents. He is pretty darn awesome. Check out the video below.

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