Robin: A Hero Reborn – Trade Papeback Comic Book Review


This trade paperback is a collection of Tim Drake’s first mini series. The character of Robin has come a long way. The original sidekick is Dick Grayson. He paved the way for the superhero genre to have sidekicks. Unfortunately the campiness of the 1960s Batman TV show made Robin into nothing by a joke that was constantly perplexed and surprised at the littlest of happenings. In the comic books, Dick Grayson moved on to become Nightwing, and his predecessor was Jason Todd who was ultimately killed by the Joker. After Jason came Tim Drake who held the mantle of Robin for close to two decades before he moved on himself. This trade paperback is the telling of Tim on his first training and first solo adventure without Batman. It is a great read and essential for anyone to understand where Tim Drake began his training and how he earned the respect of many readers, including myself.

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