Riverdale – Dark Teen Drama – You On Board?

Many new promos have come out for CW’s new Riverdale series. It’s been described as Twin Peaks meets teen drama. Archie himself is being played by KJ Apa. Most people have said that the show sounds edgy and dark and are excited. Others are saying it sounds interesting but want a balance between fun and mystery. Still even others want a much more light and funny series similar to the comic book.

We will have Josie and the Pussycats in the series, which is awesome! Maybe a spin off series could take place for a couple of the characters that have gotten their own comic book series. The cast seems great and of course they all very much a CW teen show. Which means all the teen actors are in the 20s and 30s and are very sexual. Sex sells, so it makes sense.

Also, Casey Cott has been cast as the gay character Kevin Keller. The actor is very excited about the show himself from his Tweets. Follow him at: Twitter.com/CaseyCott. I am excited to see how his story unfolds. Hopefully Kevin will not be ignored and will be a big part of the story. Honestly, I think Casey Cott is hotter than the actor playing Archie.

What do you think so far? You liking it or is this going to be ignored on your radar? I’m going it a shot myself and I hope it’ll play out great!

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