Remember when Tommy from Rugrats almost killed his baby brother Dill?


Did you watch Rugrats? I watched Rugrats. In fact, I loved Nick toons in the 90s and 2000s. Rugrats was about little babies and the adventures that they would get into. It was very much for kids but I know a lot of adults loved it too because of the complexities of the story and there was enough of a story to keep people of all ages entertained. There was a Rugrats movie that came out and later the sequel series All Grown Up, which I admit I never got into. But did you know that Tommy nearly killed his baby brother in the movie?

Rugrats Tommy 1

How did I not realize that this was all kinds of fucked up back then? I was totally unphased by this when I first saw it and now rewatching the movie today, I can’t believe that I didn’t get upset. The whole scene was based on jealousy, but still. Damn. Here’s the full scene if you’re interested in seeing it. It’s only about one minute long.


4 comments to Remember when Tommy from Rugrats almost killed his baby brother Dill?

  • Avatar Darkhog  says:

    Aw Man, he did try to kill Dill didn’t he? With a jar of nanas!

    • GayComicGeek GayComicGeek  says:

      I think the idea was for the monkeys to take Dill, or for the monkeys to eat Dill or rip him apart. It was dark.

  • Avatar thomas pickles  says:

    he should have fucking killed the little shit. i just rewatched the movie for the first time since childhood, and dil made me so fucking angry i was genuinely pissed off that tommy didnt kill him. dil literally cries for 4+ weeks straight and is just an all around cocksucker. he also continuously fucks the rest of the babies over in the woods. plus tommy had the perfect chance to kill him and get away with it. “oops the monkeys got him” im telling you, i lost sleep over it. DIL. NEEDS. TO. DIE. the world would be so much better off. and i could finally sleep at night. yes i know its just a cartoon. but ive got some issues. i would love nothing more than to smother the little fuck myself. thank you and goodnight.

    • Avatar Leanna Sullender  says:

      He is a baby idiot I really hope you don’t have children and guess what? Babies cry sometimes a lot.

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