Red Robin Flashback, Superwoman is Dying, What Happened to Mal and Bumblebee in Titans & More – Comic Load 2/8/2017

Detective Comics # 950 – We get three stories involving Orphan, Batwing and Azrael and finally Tim Drake. Although the Tim Drake story is a short flashback. At least we get something.
Superwoman #7 – Lex, Steel and Superwoman defeat Lena Luthor. But it comes at a huge cost.
Action Comics #973 – Superwoman is dying and Lois starts to investigate who the mysteries new Clark Kent may actually be.
Flash #16 – The Rogues get the best of Barry Allen and then Barry gets back at them. But this may have been part of Captain Cold’s plan all along.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corp #14 – The Sinestro Corp and Green Lantern Corp must work together. Also the Blue Lantern Corp is brought back into the fold.
The Unworthy Thor #4 – Odinson finally gets close to the Ultimate Thor’s hammer. Next issue is when everything goes down!
Inhumans vs. X-Men #4 – The Inhumans escape and they’re about to make their counter strike against the X-Men.
Titans #8 – What has Mal and Bubblebee been doing lately? We find out and hopefully this will lead them joining the team.

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