Infinity Gauntlet 3 Complete (2).Movie_Snapshot

The team has been formed and the big battle for the universe is about to take place. The Infinity Gauntlet saga, #3 takes up where part 2 left off with the Earth being knocked off it’s axis and starting to float away from the sun. The universe could be destroyed on a whim by Thanos of Titan, who now possesses all 6 of the Infinity Gems and now has the power of God. This a great read with incredible artwork. Check out on my thoughts on issue number 3.

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King Chooblah (3).Movie_Snapshot

Here’s King Chooblah from the Masters of the Universe Classics Toy line. He’s an obscure character that appeared in the 200x series that came. It is surprise to get him in the mix, but he is a decent character and the sculpt is pretty awesome. Here are my thoughts on the figure in the video below.

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Straight Hercules

Marvel is just trying to make Hercules look like badass-sexy daddy-eye candy-scruffy-super hottie- LITERAL Greek God that gives all gay geeks huge boners. Check out the newest variant cover of Hercules #1, drawn by Russell Dauterman and Matt Wilson..

Hercules and Wolverine

Holy fuck, are they seriously saying that this character is completely straight? According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief -Axel Alonso- Hercules is completely heterosexual. He stated this on I covered this once before and pointed out the idiotic notion that Hercules is completely heterosexual. Somehow his bisexuality, which has been hinted at in both the comic and in Greek mythology repeatedly, is being ignored. And now this cover was made. Look at it. He is so bisexual! I feel like the artists are intentionally either queer baiting or maybe they will make the character bisexual in the comic and Axel Alonso has changed his mind. I hope that both are the case. I would love to be able to read a Marvel Comic with a bisexual leading man.

man bun

I need to point out, everyone is making a big deal about Hercules’ man-bun. I don’t see the big deal in that. I think he’s sporting it pretty darn well in that image.

Raul Castillo Flamingo
Yes, there is another psychotic villain in the DC Universe that many do not know exists and this one is called Flamingo who first appeared in Batman #666. This character has been considered to be gay by some comic book readers, but has never been confirmed or denied. This is simply based on his appearance and mannerisms. His full name is Eduardo Flamingo. In actuality, he is extremely dangerous and has mental breakdowns in the few appearances he has made in Gotham. His sexuality is the least about this character that anyone should be thinking about. He’s eaten the faces off of women according to the Batman and Robin comic that was written by Grant Morrison. And now according to, his character will be brought to the Gotham TV show this season and played by Looking star, Raul Castillo.

Raul Castillo is a straight man, but he’s gained more fame in gay media from playing in the role of Ricardo “Richie” Donado Ventura in the ill-fated HBO show Looking. Playing a crazed hitman takes a lot of talent to pull off and I think that Castillo will be able to pull this off. He will have to give this his own take as Flamingo has never been portrayed on screen up to this point. So he can work from the ground up and make the character all his own. It should be interesting.

Gotham’s ratings have remained decent and this season it appears to be picking up steam. There will be the introduction of a lot of new characters and storylines for the young Jim Gordon to handle without the aid of any vigilantes. Raul’s depiction of Flamingo will take place on episode 9, season 2 later this year.

Silver Shark 1

My buddy artist who happens to be a badass cosplayer himself and a SUPERMAN cutie, Pumba, has created a new piece of artwork to go along with my GayComicGeek character. In fact, he’s created a supervillain to sexually violate fight with the GayComicGeek. Introducing- SILVER SHARK!

SIlver Shark 2

He has the following Bio:

Behind every great hero, there are great villains. That being said, i thought I’d make a villain character for Paul Charles, aka the gaycomicgeek
His name is the Silver Shark, and using his high tech SCUBA suit he can create electric ‘shark bites’ strong enough to nom through an 18 wheeler.
And of course, his ‘alternate’ suit because why the hell not?


New GCG ColorGayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

So I personally think that Pumba needs to start drawing his own comic book series already and pitch this to Class Comics. He’s already got several characters that he’s created or drawn and has made several renditions of the GayComicGeek character that he has drawn as well. In fact I use his art for the intro to many of my videos. Check out Pumba’s Tumblr site where you can see his personal pics and artwork as well. I’m showing a pic (below) of him in his Digimon costume – Davis and as Sokka from Avatar the Last Airbender. I really love most of the Digimon series and I have a special affinity to Avatar, which looks like Sokka more so than any other cosplayer that I have ever seen. So seeing him in those costume is so fracking hot. I should stop typing everything that I think.

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Pumba DigimonPumba as Sokka

Infinity Gauntlet 1.Movie_Snapshot

Let’s go back to 1991 when cosmic level events didn’t happen every summer in the Marvel Universe. It happened, just not as often. The Infinity Gauntlet is one of the best mini-series that Marvel Comics made in the 1990s. Sometimes confused with it’s sequel series- The Infinity War, which that in itself was a great series, but no where near as good as the original. This is the story that upcoming Marvel Cinematic movie- Avengers The Infinity War storyline is most likely being based on. This series caused a lot of cosmic upheaval and also showed how a series of prequel comics lead up to the threat that Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.

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Scream Queens (5).Movie_Snapshot

This was a fun show. It’s very slasher and horror related, but there’s so much camp and comedy in it, that you have to just let your mind go a bit. The comedy totally made me like this. That and another specific reason with Nick Jonas that I won’t go into yet. Check out my thoughts on the pilot episode.

Scream Queens.Movie_Snapshot

Did you watch it? Did you like it too or did you not care for the series intro?

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Scream Queens TV Series Pilot – Review Non-Spoiler and Spoiler from Paul Charles on Vimeo.