Stonewall Poster

So much controversy regarding the upcoming Stonewall movie directed Roland Emmerich. History apparently is being re-written, again, for cinematic purposes. The trailer for this movie was released and as much as I can see from my own knowledge, I do not see any of the key players that should be recognized in this film. From all intents and purposes, this trailer makes it seem as though the main character, Jonathan Rhys Meyers who plays Trevor, is the first person to throw a brick that sparked off the original Stonewall Riots. Which I hope that everyone knows is completely inaccurate as trans women Sylvia Riveria, and Marsha P. Johnson, are those that have been credited as being the most influential and initiators of these events. But this is just the trailer. Maybe we will see something completely different as trailers are often misleading.

Sylvia and Marsha

I understand many heterosexual people within the U.S. do not know very much about historic moments that involve the LGBT community. Even many members of the LGBT community can be misinformed about events that occurred within the last 40-50 years. I by no means am a historian myself. Most of my knowledge on LGBT history has been from internet searches in the past decade. It is not like these events are covered in high school history classes. Many colleges do offer some courses that would be beneficial, but not many and not everyone has access to these classes.

I will watch the movie and try to be as unbiased as possible, but I wonder who is the target audience? Is the LGBT community? Is it the heterosexual community?

Hercules is not Bisexual (3).Movie_Snapshot

Yeah I couldn’t let this go. I did blogged about topic earlier, but I’ve had a couple people request to do a video on the topic. If you are not aware of this, Hercules is very much a bisexual character. Not just in the comics, but in history. Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso has stated that despite his past, the Greek god is only after women from this point onward. Why? Seriously, why would he make the character straight? Are straight males afraid of picking up a title that has a bisexual male as the main protagonist?

Hercules Gay 2

I think this is a waste of an opportunity to show a very different character that could be opened up to so many new storylines and to include a new audience that would be interested in reading a character that has a very rich backstory already established.

Hercules is not Bisexual.Movie_Snapshot

Midnighter #3 is out and I’m still liking this series. Midnighter is one of the few gay superheroes that is headlining his own title in a mainstream comic book company. I hope this trend spreads to other companies and we can see more titles like this. Check out my thoughts on this issue below.

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Is that Colossus with him? What the hell is he doing there? Of all the X-Men, I figured Wolverine or Cable would be with him. Although I know it would be impossible to have Cable in the trailer. I am so fucking stoked for this movie. Damn, I was kinda hoping that I wouldn’t like it.

Green Lantern Sucked

Spider- Christian and Jesse - Man

I knew that Cyclons walked among us! The Andrew Garfield model has already been spotted in different places. Christian Willis and Jesse Sedberry are two examples.
Here’s Andrew Garfield:
andrew garfield peter parker spider-man
Now look at Christian (left) and Jesse (right):


Tell me they aren’t fracking Cylons?! See that I did there? This time I actually used the word ‘fracking’ appropriately since I’m referencing Battlestar Galactica with Cylons. Just saying.


Both have done the Andrew Garfield thing but both are branching out into other cosplay territories. Christian has done several anime characters and Roger Rabbit. That’s so cool, funny and awesome at the same time. Jesse started with Barry Allen and Wolverine. He does resemble the actor from the Flash a lot too. Now he’s doing Doctor Who and may be going into further superhero costumes. He’d make a great Robin. I will be interviewing Jesse very soon being that he lives within driving proximity to me.


But what I really want to see is both of these guys in the same room together in a photo shoot. Christian does not have a fan page yet, but if you want follow Jesse, his Instagram is

Check them out and check out the pics below. These two costuming badasses are damn near legand… wait for it…(See bottom of this post)





This week’s gay movie review is -G.B.F. This isn’t a isn’t a romantic comedy. It’s not a teen drama, it’s barely a coming out story. But it is cute and it has lots of funny moments in it. It’s definitely enjoyable if you turn your mind off. Also, don’t think too much about how it could be insulting to gay culture. Here’s my thoughts on it, and let me know if you’ve seen it.

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Echo Kellum was recently cast for the role of Mr. Terrific for this upcoming season of Arrow. And guess what, he is going to be a gay character. That’s an interesting turn. At San Diego Comic it was announced by executive producer Greg Berlanti that Mr. Terrific was going to be introduced this coming season on Arrow and that he would be gay. In Entertainment Weekly, it was announced that Echo Kellum will be taking on the role of Curtis Holt aka Mr. Terrific.

Terrific Origin

Being that Mr. Terrific was a straight character in DC Comics and became a superhero because of the death of his wife child, it is more than likely, his superhero origin in the tv show is going to be altered. A lot. As Entertainment Weekly described, Holt is “a technological savant and inventor,” an employee at Palmer Technologies under Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) supervision.

I support this and think that it is incredibly cool that we are not only getting a mainstream character on an established DC show that has a cohesive continuity, but also that we are getting a an actual gay character that is not playing it safe by saying that he is ‘bi’ or questioning. If you are not aware of this, the character of the Pied Piper, Hartley Rathaway, has been established in the Flash/Arrow TV Universe and is also an openly gay character.

Not to mention that Barry Allen’s boss is Police Captain David Singh, and is also an openly gay character. Granted though, he’s only a supporting character in the show. But still he is very important to the development of Barry Allen. His role is limited, but essential.

Unfortunately, if you listen closely, you can already hear future fanboys starting to complain and throw a tantrum about Mr. Terrific’s new sexuality. I personally have avoided the topic on forums, because I know there are going to be some haters out there. What do you think? Is this a good move or is it a bad idea to make an established heterosexual character into a gay character for the means of diversity?

Arrow Gay

In the cosplay world, people who dress up as Deadpool are annoying. That aside, I do like the character of Deadpool, but more as a character that is fun when he’s around a lot of other establisehd Marvel Comic characters. By himself, I feel like he’s a decent character, but nothing that I would go out of my way to read. That being said, I love Ryan Reynolds and he has actually gotten me excited to see Deadpool. And he did it, without even show his real trailer. He showed a trailer for his trailer. That takes talent. I am now totally stoked for this.


I just reviewed issue number 2 of Jem and the Holograms from IDW Comics. There’s a lot of critics against this book, but it also has a big fan following too. I do like the series and I’m liking the direction that they’re taking with the characters. Here’s my thoughts on this issue.

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