Jessica Jones Jewel
With the popularity that the Netflix series – Daredevil has had, it’s no wonder that there’s a huge anticipation for the next Marvel series to tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe- Jessica Jones which is set to be released on November 20, 2015. If you are unaware, Jessica Jones, also known as Jewel, has super strength and the ability to fly. The limits to these powers along with some degrees of invulnerability, have never really been defined completely.


Jessica’s character is building up to a possible Netflix series that could involve all the street Avengers, including Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and the Punisher for a Defenders team up. I’m secretly hoping that Blade and Ghost Rider joins the mix myself, but that may be too much to hope for. But anything can happen? Five years ago, no one would have thought that there would Netflix series based on these characters at all.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

We have already been shown what Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash (pictured below) will look like in the upcoming season 2 of the Flash. Now we get to see what Hawkgirl will look like in the new Legends of Tomorrow series as well. I was not sure if Hawkman would show up this season, but apparently he will as he is also shown in the picture. It seems as though only Hawkgirl was being advertised as being part of this new spinoff, but apparently both will be showing up.

Jay Garrick

I like the costumes and I do like that Hawkman has his mace. That’s got to be a requirement. I am curious as to how their wings are going to look. I imagine that their wings will only appear when they actually fly, or something to that magnitude. I would probably be difficult for them to maneuver around in scene with huge wings in the way. These costumes I feel are a bit covered up as Hawkman usually likes to show his awesome hairy chest. I am not sure if this is better than the Smallville version of Hawkman or not (pictured below) but I still like this and I cannot wait to see the show!

Hakman from Smallville

Legends of Tomorrow is set to premiere in Spring 2016.

Midnighter 4 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Midnighter #4 just recently came out from DC Comics! He’s teaming up with Nightwing aka Agent 37 aka Dick Grayson. The sexual innuendos are through the roof on this issue. These guys need to team up a lot more often. Check out my thoughts on this badass comic in the video below.

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New Movie (2).Movie_Snapshot

Just in, Mara of Primus from the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. You may not remember this character, because like many He-Man fans, they didn’t watch the New Adventures of He-Man. That’s not to say that they did not have their own following, and that the series was bad, but there were people like me that just couldn’t watch this new direction. It was great in its own right. Here’s my review on one of it’s characters- Mara of Primus.

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Midnighter Tomorrows Issue

Of course the good issue of Midnighter teaming up with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing, comes out tomorrow when I’m driving up to Atlanta. So I won’t be able to get this until I come back. Or when I’m at Dragon Con this weekend. But I doubt I’ll have too much time to read comics.

Latter Days Complete.Movie_Snapshot

Latter Days- a 2003 movie about a closeted gay man fighting his hormones and the next door guy who is determined to have sex with him. Well there’s a lot more than that. The next door man, Christian (ironic name) is a jerk at the beginning, but grows a heart and eventually falls for the Mormon boy. This movie came out from TLA Releasing in 2003 and it was a great movie and I still enjoy watching it today. Check out my thoughts on this movie in the video below.

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Harvey Quinn

It’s the little things in life that sometimes makes me happy. Even though this isn’t an article about me, I still made it on a post by Ed Kennedy on NewNowNext. It’s at the very bottom of the post, but I’ll take it! Haha, it’s just because I Tweeted a beginning shot of my Harvey Quinn costume (posted above) that I’m making for this week’s Dragon Con. The finished costume will be shown very soon!

Here’s the link if you’re interested in it. A lot of other posts are in it too. Thanks Bernardo Rivera for letting me know about this! NewNowNext.

Newsies 1

I fracking LOVE Newsies! It’s my favorite musical in both movie form and theater form. I think I’ve seen both more times than I can count. BYU Students did a one-shot Cappella “Newsies” Medley Tribute. One shot. Granted, this is lip syncing but still, they had to have recorded this prior to this and get it all in sync and that takes skill with a beautifully choreographed dance sequence. And yes, I am aware that this is a Mormon University. Thanks Derek for showing this to me!

God is Dead Vol 2 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Here’s my review on volume 2 of this really fracked up series from Avatar Press. It’s not the weirdest series out there, but it definitely ranks up there. This time, I really do think that the real God is dead in this comic book line.

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