Oh hell’s yeah! Have you ever seen MegaForceMichael‘s costume gallery? He’s also just known as just Michael. He is so fracking hot! His costumes are totally spot on and he brings such a sexy vibe to all of them. He does such a variety of characters, it is hard to pinpoint he best. Everyone has different opinions, but I attached a couple of my favorite of his.

One of Michael’s costumes that I lean more towards happens to be his Northstar costume. It is one of the first times I saw him and damn I fell in love (figuratively, he is married).

Michael’s husband is SuperXLuigi, and the two of them make such a beautiful couple. They do some of the most badass couple cosplays I have ever seen as well. I’m super envious of their talent.

I have had the honor of meeting Michael on a couple occasions and was so happy that I was also able to get a couple pics with them as well. I was even able to convince him to put on a GayComicGeek costume with his husband. I hope I can coordinate future costumes and do larger group pics with them.

I can’t wait to see some of the planned conventions that Michael has coming up. Check out his Facebook page over at: Facebook.com/MegaForceMichael

Michael’s Instagram: Instagram.com/MegaForceMichael

Naked Knight #2 – the next chapter in Dylan Prescott’s adventure to becoming a cosmic superhero. He has to help free captured sex slaves and deal with his own unique origins. What is he and where does he really come from?
Check out my thoughts on this second issue in the attached video.

The comic was written and drawn by Sunny Victor.
Published and available at: ClassComics.com

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This four part crossover looks to be epic on many scales. One thing that I was personally looking forward to see was gay actor and SUPERMAN cutie, Russell Tovey play gay superhero, Raymond Terrell aka THE Ray. No full body shot yet, but we see him with his uniform and with and without his helmet. We also see him wearing Nazi concentration camp clothing with an upside down Pink Triangle. That is very powerful to see in a superhero tv show. Especially seeing a gay man, playing a gay character wearing it. In the Golden Age of Comic books, a lot of World War II was depicted with Nazis being beaten often, but concentration camps were generally not mentioned.


One thing to note about this crossover is that it will take place on an Earth that has been shown in animated format as being an Earth where Nazis won World War II. This could also be quite an emotional event for many people to watch as well. We will probably get to see some glimpses of the Nazi concentration camps as evidenced by Tovey’s character. So many forget that there were many minority groups that were sent to concentration camps in Europe, including many gay men. This is the origin of the Pink Triangle. It is scary to see Tovey wearing this but also very eye opening. Especially with what is being said by the survivors/escapees of the same type of camps currently in Chechnya.

The 4 Part Crossover event starts up on November 27 with Supergirl and then Arrow the directly afterwards. The next two parts conclude on Tuesday, November 28 with The Flash and directly followed by the Legends of Tomorrow. I will be watching with a lot of anticipation.
Here are a couple of the pics that have been released. There are many more, but these are some of the ones that particularly enjoyed.

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First, I am not a Dragon expert and this is all just in fun. Second, I totally stole this idea from someone else on Facebook but he did not provide pics and I asked. He does not mind me reposting it with more images and some alterations. Third, I know there are hardcore Dragon fans out there that probably are cringing at the simplicity of this post and how wrong it probably looks in detail. But still, this is just for fun. So, here are some of the different subclasses of Dragons:

Dragon: Four Legs and two wings. Generally have large strong bodies. This is Draco from DragonHeart.

Wyvern: Two legs and Two Wings. Usually with large strong bodies. Pictured here is Drogon from Game of Thrones.

Drake: Four legs, flightless. Here’s Mushu from Mulan.

Wyrms: Very long snake like body with no wings but can fly. Meet Shenron from DragonBall Z (who does have legs sometimes and sometimes he does not, because animation.)

Lindwurms: They have two legs, usually in front and sometimes they have wings and sometimes they have no wings. They have a snake like body. I could not find anything in media that represented a Lindwurm, because no one likes Lindwurms. So here’s something close – Serpintaurs from Masters of the Universe.

Amphithere: No legs but has two wings. Have you seen the How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix? This is a Whispering Death.

Luck Dragon: Super cute and lovable and fuzzy and they’re just make you want to hug them all the time! They have four legs, no wings and can fly. Picture from Neverending Story

Komodo dragon: Four legs, no wings, real nasty creatures. They do not have real venom, but they have so much bacteria in their saliva, that you would die of an infection if one bit you.

Bearded dragon: Four legs, No wings. Also very cute, but in a different way than Luck Dragons.

I know there’s still many other types out there and that some of these are a stretch. But still, I like this compilation. What did I miss? What other Dragons exist?

It’s comic book day!
The X-Men Blue team take on Mojo in X-Men Blue #15.
War Thor aka Volstagg takes on Mangog in the Mighty Thor #701
Damian and Jonathan get a new base together in SuperSons #10
Darth Vader starts to track down a new Jedi in Darth Vader #8
Catwoman vs. Talia Al Ghul in Batman #35
Dick Grayson teams with Blockbuster to help take down Raptor in Nightwing #33
Amadeus Cho is on Sakaar in a new Planet Hulk story in Incredible Hulk #710
Lex, Superman, Lois and Jonathan are on Apokolips in Superman #35

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Justice League comes out this week. Some people have already seen it and others are seeing it opening night. I will not get to see it until Friday, which feels like an eternity! I have my hopes set at a medium level, so I’m not looking to be disappointed, but I am hoping to be thoroughly entertained. I will not hold this up to a precedence that it will be the most awesome thing ever, but I will call it out if it it just complete garbage. Word of mouth from other geeks that have already seen it do say that it is much better than they thought it would be. That’s good to hear. Everyone has their own opinions and sometimes a great movie by one person could be a complete waste of time to another. So I’ll judge for myself. Are you seeing it? Are you excited? Do you not care?

Tim went solo in 1993 and had a successful ongoing comic series. Dick Grayson is the first and the most well known, but Tim got to hold several mini-series plus his regular series that was over 183 issues (not counting annuals plus extra oddly numbered issues). This video review is based on his first story arc in his regular series that spread from Detective Comics #668. Going out completely on his was a gutsy move for being as inexperienced as he was, but it was a great journey. Major Spoilers in this video.

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Jean is not officially back yet, but Phoenix Resurrection #1 comes out in December 2017 and Marvel has announced that she will lead her own X-Team. X-Men: Red has been announced to come out in February 2018 and will be written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Mahmud Asrar.

Who do you think will be on her team? I’m guessing the recently revived Wolverine and maybe adult Iceman (he’s teamless right now) could be teammates. Who else?
Also, other than those huge shoulder guards, what do you think of her new costume?

Marvel’s YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/MarvelEntertainment

I had never heard about the YouTube Channel IsmaHawk until today, but what got my attention was their recently released – Wonder Woman vs. Thor video. This is all fan made and the fight that we get to see is brief, but it is so well done! I would love for them to do a full on budgeted movie. Check them out in the attached video.

To see more of their work and other superhero videos, head over over to: www.YouTube.com/IsmaHawk