Another of my hetero friends David Santiago. is This guy has a Superman body and major hot good looks. Plus he’s really cool. He’s costumed as Nova, hopefully who will show up in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie set to come out next year. Also he’s been Spider-Man 2099, he’s one of the best Ares (Marvel Comics version) that I’ve ever seen. I also think his Bucky Captain America is pretty damn awesome. What do you guys think? Check out his Facebook page for more pics-

I got a lot of friends that costume. Here’s my buddy Austin. He’s fucking hot as all hell! He’s done several costumes that I’m particularly fond of. His Captain Marvel Jr. and Superboy are totally spot on accurate! He just recently became a dad…a real dad. Not a ‘daddy.’ Here’s some of the pics that he’s shared with us. And yes, the selfie pics are a gift that he’s allowed me to post up. I didn’t want to push it and get more risky pics, but these are still pretty fucking awesome! I love how he just kinda shows a glimpse of his cock in a couple of the pics
And yes, Austin is totally straight. He just likes to show off his body and his dick too. I’ll accept any pic he’s willing to share. If he ever sends more risky pics, I’ll definitely post them up. He doesn’t have a Fan Page up yet, but I keep encouraging him to start one already. But anyways, here’s Austin! Enjoy!

Many of my costuming friends are hot, and all of them look great in costume. But a couple of them I can accurately say are literal superheroes. Or at least they have the body of a real superhero. My buddy Jay has the physique of a body builder, minus the rage. I say that because he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and also one of the coolest geeks out there too. His costumes are incredible. Check out some of his pics below. He doesn’t have a fan page, but he definitely should. I gotta say, his hotness helps with the fact that he has the muscle to back up his larger characters like Captain Marvel and Thor. But I gotta say, my favorite pic of him is the first one, with him just under the shower. Look at that tanline. Tell me that’s not sexy! What do you think? (And yes, he is also straight. I’ll have a gay costumer up eventually, I promise!)

If you want to follow Jay, his Instagram is:

Check out my my buddy Brian. This guys is so badass in his costumes and the fact that he’s an actual gay costumer, makes him so much hotter! I love his Green Arrow but I think his Themistocles has got to be my favorite! Maybe because he’s half naked.

I want to point out that Brian is married to his partner, who is in the pic of him as Northstar re-creating the iconic issue of Astonishing X-Men #50.

I also want to point out that Brian is a badass costumer designer. He’s made 3 of my costumes and countless others that I’ve seen in person and online. He really needs to start a fanpage that’s dedicated to just his costumes!

What do you guys think of him? Check out his Facebook page at:

This sexy male costumer spotlight has had his pics circulated everywhere online. More particularly, because he probably has the nicest ass in cosplay history. I speak of Ryan Butt Toucher Turney

No joke. I’ve literally saved his pics just because his ass is so good. Not to mention that overall, he’s sexy as all hell and has a fucking rock hard muscular body.

He’s straight, but also kinda playful with his straight friends in very homoerotic ways. That sure doesn’t help with his sexy appeal.

Here’s a couple of his pics. Check out his page, over at Ryan Butt Toucher Turney.

Ok, look at this guys abs! He’s got zero body and he’s ripped as fuck! This is my buddy, Zerk.

I’m glad I get to call him friend and I’m happier that I’ve been able to take some pics with him in the past. His costuming skills are off the chart too. Luckily, he doesn’t mind doing the shirtless characters that we all know and love!

Check out his Facebook page at:

Have you seen the super studly Josh Barker before? Hot damn! Besides the fact that he literally looks like Guy Gardner in both his Green and Red Lantern appearances, but his hair makes him such a perfect candidate for Aquaman and other characters. He doesn’t have a fan page, but I’m encouraging him to make one!

Check out his Facebook page at: