New Scarlet Spider Comic Book Coming Out – FINALLY!

Peter David, a badass writer who has done many past series, including the original Young Justice comic book is supposedly writing the new Scarlet Spider series from Marvel Comics. Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone and also known as the Scarlet Spider and later took the mantle of Spider-Man, has been dead for years. Other than some alternate continuity and one-off stories, he has remained dead as well. There was an unsuccessful clone story that spiraled out of control in the 90s that most Marvel fans like to forget about. However, Ben Reilly as the Scarlet Spider was not all bad. He has recently returned back in Clone Conspiracy #3 which is happening in the Spider-Man books presently.

David has a way of writing comic book series that focuses on the adventure and also makes sure to keep humor as a main part of his characters. Not everything is grim and dark with his books. And it is something that I appreciate. He currently writes the Spider-Man 2099 book.

Will Ben Reilly be the new Scarlet Spider? Or is it going to be someone else? Kaine, the first of the Spider-Man clones, has taken this title as well. The series may involve both characters for all we know at this point. Either way, I am still happy. What do you think?

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