New CLASSIC 1980’s – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Episode Being Made (Kinda)

Faker 1
Wouldn’t you want to see a new episode from the old 1980’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? It was made for kids and definitely was not to be taken seriously on an adult format. But I know I would kill to see a new episode from this series. Even better would be to see some characters that never made appearances in that show, such as King Hiss (Hsss) or maybe Stinkor. Guess what? The official He-Man YouTube channel is making their own episode…to an extent. This new episode will show the proper version of the Masters character – Faker. This robotic evil version of He-Man had appeared once before in the episode The Shaping Staff, but was not blue and orange like his toy counterpart. This new episode is suppose to entail new cells in HD format but still recycle older animation as well. Regardless, I am still excited to this in all it’s original 1980’s cheesy glory! Check out the trailer below.

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