Name A Happy Gay Movie that has a Very Positive Ending To It- Ok, GO!


I used to pride myself on being in touch with cinema, both old and modern. This included many hyped up movies and those that go under the radar of most movie goers. In the past couple of years I have let most of that knowledge lapse to focus solely on mainstream movies, because…reasons? I don’t know why. But anyways, I really feel like watching something positive that is considered an LGBT movie. There are a lot of great gay movies out there. What is one that you like? Below I’m listing a couple that I love watching myself.

Big Eden 2

Big Eden- City Man goes back to his small hometown and has two potential love interests. Very positive image of a small community and has a great ending to it.


Trick- This was the first gay movie I had ever seen. Let me correct that, it was the first gay movie I had watched that did not make gay men into a joke. Two guys who are gay but being gay is normalized to the point that it feels as though sexuality does not matter. As should be.

Eating out 2
Any of the Eating Out movies. No, they are not porn movies. But they show as much nudity as many straight movies do. Most start with a hetero-flexible character that has gay character friends that intertwine with the plot. All of the movies have pretty awesome endings and sends extremely positive vibes.

Beautiful thing 2

Bautiful Thing- Two boys that fall in love. It is a coming of age film and love is a huge component. Basic, but still a great watch even today.

4th man out

4th Man Out – Four friends that have been best buddies since childhood, one of which comes out on his 24th birthday. The friends come to grips with this fact and then make it clear that they want to help their gay friend find a guy. Very cute movie with another great ending.


Paternity Leave- Very UNUSUAL movie in the sense that men are able to become pregnant in this world. Very happy ending to it and keep your mind open to alternate realities. Don’t think about it too much, or your mind may explode as to the specifics of male anatomy.

Last Straight Man

The Last Straight Man- Closeted man is throwing a bachelor party for his best buddy, who he happens to have a crush on. I have literally been there and done that in the past. I will not go into details, but it has a great ending to it.

Latter Days

What are your favorite positive LGBT movies that you like?