My NEW YouTube Channel – If you Subscribe, I’ll give you a GayComicGeek No-Prize!

NEW 10.29.2015 YouTube WallPaper

A GayComicGeek No-Prize is my spiritual thanks! Sorry, I wish I could give more. I have another YouTube channel that I have been posting my comic book reviews. It is called After the previous channel had some issues with it’s content and was taken down I started a new one that would be exclusively comic book and toy reviews. Have no fear, I will continue to post up about gay comic books and independent comic books. But I cannot post the word ‘gay’ in my title on YouTube. I will remain the GayComicGeek EVERYWHERE else online, except for YouTube.

I have been posting on it for a couple weeks and I do post links for everyone to subscribe to it, but I never explicitly stated that it was a new channel. Until now. So I will continue to post my XXX stuff on my site and over at and I will also post many other exclusive vids over at my Vimeo account. But I will posts my comic book and toy reviews only over at YouTube to avoid the issue that they had with me previously.

gcg_patreon copy

Thank you Pumba and Derek for making me the cool new artwork to go with my new channel. I do really appreciate it. If you all could subscribe to my new channel, I would really appreciate it. That is if you have a YouTube channel yourself or a Google Plus account. Again, my channel is: YouTube.Com/TheComicBookGeek. The actual URL is not ‘TheComicBookGeek,’ but it will be soon! I haven’t been given that privilege yet.



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  • Avatar THEChad  says:

    YAY!!! You’re back on YouTube!!! <3

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