Mr. Sulu is Gay – New Star Trek Movie Confirms Character’s Sexuality


Recently confirmed on reputable site, Hikaru Sulu, played originally by George Takei and currently played by John Cho is a gay character in the current Star Trek Universe. This will be shown in the upcoming Star Trek Beyond movie set to come out on July 22, 2016. Was Sulu always gay in the old universe as well? I have searched for anything confirming the character’s sexuality, and other than him having a daughter, nothing has been stated. The new universe also confirms him having a daughter with his male partner, so this is a great nod to continuity from the previous universe.

George Sulu

This is an obvious nod to former Sulu actor played by the openly gay and incredibly smart performer George Takei. He is witty in his responses to haters in many platforms and is very tasteful in his statements. And yes, of course there are going to be lots of haters on Sulu being gay. Many heterosexual fanboys hate the idea of anything other than straight characters or bisexual women being shown on screen. Even though heterosexual characters are represented everywhere, non-stop and rammed down the audiences throats in all facets of media. See what I did there? So having an “established character” being shown as gay is something that haters cannot imagine. However the plus side to Sulu being gay is that his sexuality was never shown. So the age old argument that a ‘new character’ should be created and have that character shown as gay, is not appropriate. Sulu was never shown to be straight, so he very well could have always been gay. Which is exactly what I will start to believe from this point forward.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and many do not like the new Star Trek universe, but I love it personally. And I am loving that Mr. Sulu is gay. I feel as though the heavy representation of heterosexuality has been done to death. More LGBT characters need to be shown on screen. I believe this is a positive move. What do you think?

Star Trek Beyond