Kellan Lutz – Possibly Cast as He-Man? What do you Think?


What would you think of actor Kellan Lutz playing the role of Eternia’s champion and prince – He-Man? His official Twitter account recently tweeted that he met with director McG from Wonderland Sound and Vision to discuss the movie. He has also made several other Tweets regarding the Masters of the Universe franchise. This is very promising news.

Kellan as He-Man

If you are unaware of who Kellan Lutz’s past work, he was in the failed movie The Legend of Hercules that came out in 2014. That movie received horrible reviews and his acting…well…he’s the got the body and look. His acting can definitely improve. A new He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie has been in limbo for decades. Maybe something will come of this. What do you think? Can he pull this off?

Lutz Naked

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What are your thoughts?