It’s Brokeback Mountain’s 10th Anniversary! Why haven’t we had more gay mainstream movies since?

BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, 2005, ©Focus Films

Brokeback Mountain came out in 2005 and is known as one of the few mainstream gay themed movies that has ever been nominated for an Academy Award. In fact, it was nominated for 10 awards. It only won 3 out of those awards, including best director, but still, for a gay movie, that’s very memorable. The Advocate recently released an interview with the movie’s Producers- Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana, both of whom won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.


The interview is really interesting and it points out how Hollywood is still afraid to produce a gay themed mainstream movie. Since Brokeback, there have been very few that are memorable. The independent film market is filled with gay lead characters and new movies are made on a regular basis. I even commented on this topic recently, pondering, why do we not have any mainstream gay romantic comedies? For that matter, why do we not have Sci-Fi movies with a leading gay character? Or Action Adventure? Anything? In the latest James Bond movie, he alluded to having bisexual encounters. That was something. We have lots of bisexual women in all of these genres but a leading gay male, not so many.

I have seen Brokeback Mountain several times myself and I completely respect this movie to the highest degree. I have had many people ask if I would ever review it, which I would, but I do not think there is a need for me to state my opinions on it. I do think it is wonderfully done but it also has a very cliche depressing ending to it as well. I won’t go into that now, but even though the movie did have a horrific ending to it, at least it was out there for everyone to see.

That Gif above was pretty much my reaction to watching Brokeback. Anyways, Brokeback was not a movie that was secretly released. In fact, it was shoved in everyone’s faces. I remember having friends that were tired of seeing the previews for it and tired of hearing about how many awards nominations that it received. And besides winning multiple awards and opening the public’s eye to homosexual storytelling in mainstream movies, it also showcased two well known actors who delivered incredible performances. Unfortunately, not too many gay themed movies have come out since this flick.

Why do you think that movie studios are still afraid to release gay themed movies with a gay character in the lead role? With Marriage Equality becoming legal within the U.S, I am hoping that this will change in the coming years. It’s not very likely to happen overnight, but it could change a bit more noticeably now. Right? What do you think?

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  • Avatar Jay  says:

    The fact that the most “iconic mainstream gay movie” is about two adulterers making horrible decisions and ends with death by gay bashing and a shattered family says a lot about hollywood in general.

    As far as making another gay mainstream film; are enough actors willing to play gay to do so? Is Hollywood willing to offer a gay character as something other than the hairdresser with a heart of gold or the sassy gutterwhore? Is America at large going to accept a 3 dimensional homosexual showing that yes, gays are exactly like any other human being and challenging the fabrications and stereotypes that have been accepted as fact by the phobic community?

    Personally I don’t think people are going to be interested in seeing a relateable gay human get a happy ending because that just doesn’t compute with treating us as less than human, and hate is just easier and appeals to the base human nature of needing someone to oppress.

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